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Gone are the days when you had to travel with traditional bulky strollers on your family vacation trips. Nowadays, the market is loaded with different types of strollers that may make your life easier while traveling.

Here, we are going to introduce you best travel stroller for toddler. Travel prams, generally, are meant to be compact, lightweight, easy to fold and transport, and comfier for kids.

We don’t say that a travel stroller will wipe out all your traveling challenges with kids; however, the under-discussion products will bestow you with certain conveniences which weren’t possible with full-sized luxury strollers.

Therefore, if you are also tired of lugging heavier double strollers with large luggage, try to choose the recommended toddlers’ pushchair; it will lessen your travel stress.

Another thing that needs to be cleared here is that there are no trade-offs when talking about a compact stroller.

Instead, you will get all the luxury items with travel pushchairs. Before start describing the bells and whistles of all the chosen products, let me give you four reasons for using a travel stroller rather than traditional ones.

Travel Strollers for Toddlers

Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Travel Stroller

Here, we are going to disclose the top 4 reasons for using compact travel pushchairs for toddlers instead of luxury, bulky strollers. The following four reasons will throw light on how much easier your life will be with a travel stroller; it doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by air or road.


Traditional strollers are bulkier than anything else. In addition, while traveling, a luxury pram demands more energy from you, which will limit your recreational activities on vocational family trips.

On the other hand, the frame of the travel stroller is made of lightweight material like aluminum. The lightweight feature of a travel toddler pushchair makes it easy to carry.

Even after hanging it for hours on your shoulder with the attached padded strap, you won’t suffer from shoulder pain at all. You can easily handle a lightweight travel stroller while the kid’s hugging at the airport or shopping mall.

Collapses Compactly:

Similar to the lightweight feature, compactness is another trait that makes a stroller perfect for traveling. In compactness, there are two factors to be analyzed; the size of the stroller before and after folding.

When the stroller is in use, check whether the pram can roll through a standard-sized door. It will help you to roll through from the security gate easily at the airport. On the flip side, folded size will assist you in carrying it in a breeze.

Furthermore, compact folding allows you to place it overhead cabin and traveling trunk without ample space. So, we can say that lightweight and compactness are the two primary features that turn a stroller into a traveling pram. 

Easy to fold and transport:

A travel pushchair is made to provide you extra comfort while going on family trips. Where a travel pram is optimized to be lightweight and compact, another feature that attracts your attention is its ease of fold.

Well, when going on a recreational trip, you are already overloaded with other essentials; often, you haven’t both of your hands-free to fold the stroller. In this case, it puts you in an awkward position to place down all the items holding in your hands and fold the stroller.

To prevent the situations mentioned above, travel toddler prams are designed to fold easily. And you can easily fold it with one hand. Generally, travel strollers are equipped with a one-step folding system that provides added facilities to parents.

Perfect when flying:

While flying for the first time, most of us get confused at the airport. A traditional heavy pram may add fuel to the fire. In this case, if you have a travel pram, it would be pretty friendly for you because of its easy handling.

In addition, a compact toddler stroller for travel allows you to get it checked through an X-ray machine for security purposes. Moreover, a compact, lightweight toddler stroller is an excellent choice for gate check.

Top 08 Best Travel Strollers for Toddlers 2024

Our expert team has spent plenty of time researching different toddler strollers; you can get the perfect one. After spending hours and hours, we will get you covered following top 10 travel toddler pushchairs, which are lightweight, compact, and easy to fold. Let’s get started;
Note: The under-analyzed travel strollers are specially chosen for toddlers; thereby, we assume toddlers’ average weight is almost 30 to 40lbs and height 35 inches to 45 inches.

1. Summer Toddler 3Dlite Convenience Stroller


Why this toddler traveling pram?

What do you need when buying a travel stroller for a three-year-old baby? Definitely, the pram must be lightweight, easy to push, effortless folding, and compact. What if I say that Summer 3Dlite pushchair tick all the boxes and share the lowest price tag.

Yes, the under-discussed product is equipped with all the advanced features and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The secret of being a lightweight 3Dlite stroller is hidden in its frame material. Well, the stroller’s frame is made of aluminum, which also bestows its ultimate durability. 

It doesn’t end here; the compact size will allow you to roll it through security gates at the airport. The dimensions of the strollers are 18 x 17 x 43 inches. More shockingly, you can fold it with one hand compactly.

A 5-point harness, extendable canopy, and ample storage basket are the features for added-comfort and safety. Additionally, it comes with reclining seat options that make it suitable for infants as well.

Cup holders and parents’ item storage pocket have also been attached to give you more facility. Lastly, the maximum weight carrying capacity is 50 pounds. Moreover, it can accommodate a toddler having maximum length of 43 inches.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Having tested the stroller, we can easily say it is an unmatchable product under this price range. It comes with all the features required by parents of a toddler for traveling.

However, the only negative side0 we observed is that it won’t provide a shock-absorbent ride; no suspension and non-pneumatic wheels.

2- Babyzen YOYO2 Travel Stroller:


Why Babyzen YoYo2 pram?

There are a couple of reasons to choose this traveling stroller for your 1 year to 4 years old kid. In other words, we can say that the Babyzen YoYo2 stroller grows with your growing child.

Like any other travel pushchair, YoYo2 is also lightweight and weighs only 13 pounds; that can be easily carried and transported from A to B. Another feature that places it all above is its compact folding design. The folding and unfolding require only one hand. Moreover, you can carry the folded stroller with its shoulder strap.

It doesn’t over here; the built quality and material are second to none. The black-colored seat is made of well-padded faux leather. An extended canopy has also been tailored for enhanced comfort for kid’s nap, with a net window on the backside.

A cup holder and pocket for parents’ essentials are also there, near to handle. Moreover, easily accessible and large storage space underneath the seat makes it a perfect toddler stroller.

Easy to push, and front swivel wheels offer excellent maneuverability as well. However, the outstanding feature which put all its counterparts back is its 4-wheel suspension. Yes, all four wheels are equipped with suspension for a comfy ride.

The dimensions are 20.5 x 17.3 x 7.1 in with 13.6lbs weight. Therefore, the maximum weight carrying capacity is 40lbs.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

If we talk about its built-quality and material, we can say that it is unmatchable. Compact size and lightweight add more convenience while traveling. The only negative side that we observed while testing is its high price. Yes, it shares a high price tag, and you can find plenty of other options with the mentioned price.

3- gb Pockit+ All-Terrain, Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller with Canopy


Why is this toddler traveling pushchair?

Whatever features a traveler mom dreamt of being in her baby’s stroller, gb Pockit+ will be a dreamed pram for her. Do you want an extremely lightweight stroller?

Have you a desire to purchase a pushchair that collapses compactly as it fits the overhead cabin? Have a wish to get a pram with extreme easy maneuverability? If all the above-mentioned questions have one answer, “YES,” gb Pockit+ can be your year’s choice.

Let’s first have a look at its weight. It weighs only 10 pounds, thanks to its aluminum-made frame. More amazingly, it can be folded and unfolded with one hand by pushing a button.

Nevertheless, you will have to follow two simple steps to get it folded. By following two-step of Folding, you will get a single compact element that is easy to carry and adjust overhead cabin. In short, it scores five stars out of 5 when it comes to its weight and Folding.

Having observed its maneuverability, you can’t help becoming its fan. With its effort-less push, you will enjoy its dream drive over the carpet, rough and rugged terrains. Smooth front swivel wheels are there for trouble-free turns in a shopping mall.

Lastly, a seat with unlimited reclining options will allow your kids to adjust to the comfiest position for a nap. Moreover, an extended canopy offers extra protection to your kids from UV rays. Extra storage accessible space is another feather in the cap of the stroller. The maximum weight carrying capacity of 55lbs plus the maximum recommended height is 41 inches.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

gb Pockit+ meets all the standards for which a traveler mom dreams. Extreme lightweight, compact Folding, and easy maneuverability are the features that make it perfect for traveling. However, we observed some drawbacks in this beast-like, there is no suspension for the shock-free ride, plus there is only 3 point harness system.

4- CYBEX Beezy Stroller, Lightweight Baby Stroller, Compact Fold


Why choose the Cybex pushchair for a toddler?

I bet it would be love at first sight with a Cybex stroller. And the reason is so obvious; fascinating colors. But, you won’t find it at the tail end compared to other standard strollers. For example, it offers a ride to the kid like a millpond, thanks to its all wheels suspension.

Yes, four wheels suspension will provide smooth maneuverability on rough and bumpy terrain. Cybex Beezy prams have left no stone unturned to make it comfier for kids. The seat is well-padded. Moreover, 5-point harness straps are too soft to hug the kid. Adjustable leg-rest will always be in favor of big kids.

Moreover, an extended canopy prevents harmful rays from entering and bestows a peaceful nap to the toddler. The compact folding size can be adjusted to your traveling trunk. Moreover, a one-handed folding system with self-standing features makes it a breeze to handle in a rush.

Easy maneuverability, smooth pushing, front swivel wheels with lock, and easy-to-access storage net basket add more value to this attractive stroller. Lastly, the weight carrying capacity of this stroller is 55 pounds, with a maximum allowed height is 41 inches.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

It admits of no doubt that built quality, material, and attractive available colors place this stroller all above. However, there is a complaint about it; it weighs 18 pounds, which is considered heavy when we compare it to other travel strollers. Therefore, we can say that the weight is the only drawback we observed while testing.

5- Inglesina Quid Baby Stroller, Lightweight Foldable Travel Stroller for Airplane


Why is this pram for traveling toddlers and infants?

At first glance, you will find no difference between the Inglesina Quid stroller and other pushchairs. However, several differences make the little passenger feel unique while exploring the world.

First, it comes in four different colors with matching canopy colors. The folding and unfolding procedure is just a breeze. You can fold and unfold this stroller with one hand.

Moreover, it folds compactly and can be adjusted overhead cabin and traveling trunk. The reclining well-cushioned seat can be perfect for taking naps. Moreover, the well-padded harness hugs the baby softly and tightly, ensuring safety.

You will be a fan of its maneuverability. The effort-less push and smooth front wheel swivel are the features that don’t let you get tired after hours of walking with your baby. Moreover, the wheels’ suspension will provide you with a shock-absorbent ride on rough and hilly terrains. A toddler’s recommended weight and height are 50 pounds and 42 inches, respectively.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Lightweight, easy to push, and compact folding are the features that make it the perfect stroller for traveling. Moreover, the four-wheel suspension and rare wheels foot brake system place it above par. More shockingly, this stroller with all the mentioned features can be yours by paying an affordable price.

6- Century Stroll On 4-Wheel Lightweight Stroller


Reasons to buy this toddler pushchair for family vacation trips

We don’t claim that the Century stroller is the prettiest pram on our list that may attract your attention in no time. However, there is no alternative to it when you want to get a decent option at the lowest price.

Here, we are amazed to get you an introduced Century pram that stands among all other fancy and high-priced strollers when we compare it with its counterparts.

Amazingly, this stroller costs you almost 100$ less than others. And, believe me, you will get all the fascinating traits that a travel pushchair is known for.

For example, it weighs only 14 pounds that can be easy to carry. Additionally, one-hand folding and unfolding provide extra ease to parents while traveling.
Compact folding doesn’t take extra place to store, doesn’t matter whether you are at home or somewhere in travel (Car, public transport).

Having folded the stroller, you can carry it with a handle; or a self-standing option is also there. Aside from toddlers, it can also be used for infants, thanks to its compatibility with car seat. Sturdy wheels, a durable frame, and a comfy padded seat are the characteristics that help it to extend its life, regardless of how roughly you use it.

The extended canopy, easy accessible large storage net basket, and easy-peasy maneuverability add more value to this masterpiece.
Lastly, a toddler’s recommended weight and height are 50 pounds and 43 inches.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

All the traits mentioned above are noteworthy. However, while testing the stroller, we are shocked that the under-discussed pram is available at an affordable price (much less than its counterparts). The only negative side, we observed, is its bumpy ride because it doesn’t come with wheel suspension or pneumatic wheels

7- Graco Modes Nest Stroller | Baby Stroller with Height Adjustable Reversible Seat


Why Graco Nest Stroller for infants and toddlers?

So, who is unknown to this Graco brand regarding baby products? Whether you need a stroller or a car seat, Graco will provide you with a superb quality product. The under-reviewed pram wins the battle when we compare it with its counterpart.

Riding on the Graco pram will be a great pleasure for both toddlers and infants. A comfy ride with no shocks offers a tranquil nap to toddlers while walking outside. Moreover, a padded seat and harness add more value to its comfort.  

Aside from comfy rides, Graco is also known for its ergonomic design and built quality. The manufacturer takes care of the nitty-gritty and leaves no stone unturned to make it the perfect pushchair for traveling toddlers.

Moreover, the compact size will make you its fan. With the folded Graco pram, you can easily put it overhead that takes minimal place to store.
The extended canopy, well-cushioned footrest, and easy-to-access large storage basket are the features that separate it from its other counterparts.

Lastly, the maximum recommended weight for a kid is 50 pounds. Moreover, the max height of a toddler (that is going to ride on this pram) is 42 inches.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

While testing and analyzing all the mentioned strollers, we found Graco the perfect one. You will find this stroller second to none when you compare it with other strollers. Affordable price, excellent built-quality, suitable for toddlers and infants, and compatible with car seats are the features that make you astonished.
On the negative side, this model of Graco is heavier than any other pram on the list, making it less likely to buy for traveling.

8- MINU Stroller - Jordan (Charcoal Melange/Silver/Black Leather)


Why MINU lightweight stroller for family trips?

MINU stroller can be one of the best friends for any outdoor adventure. So, don’t worry about your baby when planning a family vacation trip; this stroller will be really helpful. 
The stroller is available in l4 different eye-catching colors. A sturdy and lightweight frame offers you ultimate durability coupled with great maneuverability. In addition, the stain-repellent pram seat fabric allows easy clean washing.
The multi-positioned reclining options offer a peaceful nap to your baby whenever the baby gets exhausted. In addition, one-handed compact folding helps a mom carry it anywhere with less than 15 pounds weight.
Leg rest and extended canopy are also tailored; the baby can rest by preventing harmful UV rays.
The under-reviewed stroller is compatible with all other car seats and bassinet.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Lightweight and compactness turn this stroller into a traveling pushchair. It is equipped with almost all the features a mom can desire. However, we have observed several users raise questions about its durability, which might be an alarming call for buyers.

How to buy the best toddler stroller for travel?

For many, traveling isn’t a complex job at all. However, traveling with kids exponentially increase the complexity. You have to manage dozens of extra items for your baby; that is a nerve game. Among dozens of baby items, a travel pram is the most important one to consider.

Here, we come with the buying guide for a travel toddler pushchair; thereby, you can choose the perfect one and alleviate your stress on family trips. Let’s check what we need when we talk about a travel pushchair.


When buying a travel pram for a toddler, lightweight is the foremost feature to check. First, check whether the stroller you are going to buy is lightweight or not.
A lightweight pram is easy to carry and can be transported from A to B. Moreover, a mom is always loaded with luggage while traveling; therefore, a lightweight stroller will help her carry it easily.

To cut a long story short, a travel pram means a lightweight pushchair; thereby, it can easily be pushed and carried from one place to another.


A toddler’s height varies from 35inches to 43 inches. So, it would be hard to find a compact stroller that can accommodate a toddler as well.

In most cases, a compact stroller comes with a narrow seat that doesn’t suit the size of a baby. However, the above-listed strollers are compact with wide comfy seats.

In addition, check the folding size before buying a travel pushchair. The folding size must be too compact to adjust the overhead cabin while traveling.

Ease of use:

We tested all the strollers by admitting that moms have to manage dozens of baby items with traveling luggage. Therefore, a baby pram must be easy to use.

For ease of use, you can check how easy to fold it. How easy to adjust harness straps. Whether it is hard to push the stroller on terrains with just a breeze. Adjusting the reclined seat to the desired position easily is another feature that adds more value to the stroller.

Moreover, all the mentioned features must be used without any manual guide. So, always check how easy to fold and maneuver the stroller is.

Maneuverability and Wheels:

Maneuverability and wheels of a pram have relation to discussing. When you plan to buy a toddler pram, check the quality of the wheels.
Check whether the wheels are sturdy or not. Wheels must be designed to roll over all types of terrains.

Moreover, if the wheels are equipped with suspension, the ride will be smooth and shock-free on bumpy roads.

Aside from the wheels’ sturdiness and suspension, check the front wheel swivel angles also.  The smooth swivel of front wheels can make the maneuverability smoother on a smoother surface, like an airport floor.

Infographic of best travel stroller

Safety Features:

It doesn’t matter which type of stroller you will buy; safety features are important to check before buying.  Unless you check the safety features, your baby might be in danger while riding in the stroller.

Check which type of harness system is tailored to the stroller for safety features. Typically, 5 point harness system offers the desired protection to your baby. Additionally, check whether the pram is equipped with a brake system or not.

Several manufacturers also offer front wheel swivel lock systems as a safety feature. Aside from the above-mentioned safety features, an extended canopy and sturdy frame are the features for enhanced safety as well.

Durability and warranty:

Durability is the point to consider while buying any item. To check the durability of a stroller, you must know about the material of the frame. Furthermore, check seat fabric should also be checked; thereby, a kid with 50+ pounds weight can use it.

A warranty offered by the manufacturer is a plus point that enhances the buyer’s trust in the manufacturer. Therefore, a stroller with a warranty offer is always preferred over a stroller without a warranty.

Recommended weight and height For toddlers:

you need to check the maximum recommended height and weight by manufacturers. Sometimes, parents don’t pay attention to weight carrying capacity while purchasing a stroller.  

You must check the weight capacity if your kid has more than 50 pounds.
We have listed all the prams above, which have more than 50 pounds weight carrying capacity and 42 inches max recommended height as well. So, the above-mentioned strollers are considered the best-suits strollers for toddlers.


Comfort is the most important feature to consider for both pusher and rider. Moms can check whether the handle is well padded or not. Moreover, how easy to push and maneuver the stroller.

Additionally, as discussed above, easy folding and unfolding is another comfort feature for a mom.
Aside from a pram pusher (mom), a baby’s comfort can’t be ignored. While checking the baby’s comfort, you can check whether the seat can be reclined at multiple positions or not.

Moreover, the seat is well-cushioned or not? Is there any net window in the seat for an air pass? Does the stroller come with adjustable leg rest or not?

Harness straps must be well padded and can be adjusted according to the size


We have tried to get you covered with all the available best toddler strollers for travel which are easy to fold, compact, and lightweight. We tried and spent hours to make the above list perfect for parents and babies. We hope you will find the best-suited option for you. If you have any questions, please do ask in the comment section. We will try to answer your queries. Thank you, stay blessed.


Can you use a travel stroller for everyday use?

The shortest answer to this question is “yes, you can use it”. However, the answer to this question largely depends on how frequently do you use the stroller? Also, what type of surface do you intend to roll through a travel pram.
Generally, travel strollers are designed to be lightweight and compact. So, if you are in a rush like the market, travel compact strollers are perfect to use. Moreover, compact size offers quick and easy maneuverability as well.
So, you can use a travel stroller for everyday use, just like a regular stroller.

Do strollers get damaged on planes?

It is the most frequently asked question by parents. In fact, we observed parents get damaged prams on disembarking at the airport. Sometimes, the airport luggage handling staff handles your baggage carelessly and you get a broken stroller. In this case, most airlines offer compensation.
Therefore, it is always advised to check the durability and frame material of the stroller before purchasing. Furthermore, you can buy a stroller bag to avoid such types of incidents at the airport. 

What size stroller can I take on a plane?

The answer to this question largely depends upon the policy of the airline. Various airlines allow different size strollers to bring. However, check whether the folding size of the pram can be adjusted in the overhead cabin or not.

What is the difference between a stroller and a travel system?

At first glance, you won’t find any difference between a regular stroller and a travel system stroller. However, there are a few differences between the two. For example, the travel system stroller has a car seat and bassinet seat adapter. Moreover, travel strollers are meant to be lightweight and compact.
On the other hand, regular strollers are bulkier and wider than travel pushchairs. The plus point of a regular pram is its durability. Yes, regular strollers are considered more durable than travel strollers.

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