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How challenging it is when you have to travel as a mother of one child. But hold on, if you are a mom (who needs to go on business tours often) of twins or two little ones, finding the best double stroller for travel will be your priority. But wait a minute! What makes a pram perfect for travelling? Let’s dig out the answer to this question. I think a stroller for travelling must be lightweight and compact; thereby, it can be transported without hassle.

However, lightweight and compactness aren’t the only features that can make a stroller perfect for parents. Aside from the above-mentioned attributes, build quality, durability, weight carrying capacity, and comfort are the other features that need to keep in mind while buying a compact stroller for travel.

UPPAbaby UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller
  • Brand:UPPAbaby
  • Fabric Type :Mesh,Leather
Check Price
Mountain Buggy Mountain Buggy Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy
  • Brand:Mountain Buggy
  • Maximum weight:33 Pounds
Check Price
Evenflo Evenflo Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller
  • Brand:Evenflo
  • Material :Polyester
Check Price
Kolcraft Kolcraft Double Stroller with Reclining Seats
  • Brand:Kolcraft
  • Maximum weight:80 Pounds
Check Price
Baby Trend Baby Trend Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller
  • Brand:Baby Trend
  • Maximum weight:55 Pounds
Check Price
Bugaboo Bugaboo Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono Complete
  • Brand:Bugaboo
  • Maximum weight:48.5 Pounds
Check Price
Evenflo Evenflo Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System With SafeMax Car Seat
  • Brand:Evenflo
  • Maximum weight:‎35 Pounds
Check Price
Graco Graco Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller
  • Brand:Graco
  • Maximum weight:‎50 Pounds
Check Price

Top 08 Best Double Stroller for Travel for Infant and Toddler Reviews 2023

We know the market is full of double travelling strollers for kids, and you may find the best one without any guide. However, sometimes more options put you in an awkward position where you can’t decide which stroller will be more suitable for your needs. Here, we will make you say goodbye to this confusion because we will get you covered best available compact travelling strollers. Just read the following reviews and make your decision wisely. Let’s get started.

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1. Vista V2 Stroller – Declan double travelling pram for kids


Why this double travel stroller for twins and infants?

By sharing a little bit high price tag, it could be the best stroller for you as well as for your kids. It will be versatile if we have another name for this Vista V2 stroller.

More surprisingly, it can accommodate three kids simultaneously. Yes, it comes with a rumble seat, bassinet seat and piggy-back ride-along board. It doesn’t end yet, rumble seat and bassinet can be used forward-facing and parent facing.

An extended canopy of mesh and breathable fabric makes this pushchair comfier and desiring  for kids. Moreover, built and material quality is just up to par.

Extra-large and easy to access storage basket makes it a breeze for a parent to store milk bottles and diapers to store while on the go.

An extendable padded handle can best fit parents of varying heights. Furthermore, it is easy to fold. The PU material of tires plays a better role in shock absorbent also. 360 swivel of front tires make the maneuverability super breeze.

The compact folding size of this pram is the feature that can make it more desirable for travelling. So, we can say that it is all in one travelling pram for a growing family.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Having read all the features mentioned above, our experts are here to give you the advice on whether this pram suits you or not based on their experience.

After analyzing the stroller built quality material, we will say that it is perfect for growing family for travel. However, there are several drawbacks we have noticed in this pushchair, like, no brake and tire-lock system in this stroller. Moreover, it is too hard for parents to push the stroller to have three kids.

Reviews by Customer:

2- Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy, Silver


Why this lightweight, compact stroller?

It won’t be wrong to say that the under-reviewed double pram is one of the best choices at a reasonable price. It checks all the boxes which a mother is searching for. Let’s check its various features;

First, you will be fascinated by its lightweight and compactness. Yes, it weighs only 20lb, nearly equal to 9KG. It means you need not worry about transporting it from one place to another. Moreover, the compact size makes it a breeze to adjust it anywhere.

When it comes to comfort, you will find it second to none. Extended canopy, 5 points padded harness, padded and parted mesh fabric, and adjustable leg rest are the features that feel your kids comfier while erranding around the town. Reclining seat adjustments with a deep seat design adds more value to its comfort. Additionally, this stroller has a suspension system on rare tires, making it shock absorbent.

The safety features of this travel pram are also exemplary. For example, 5 point harness with one button release, a brake system on rare tires and front tires lock system (that prevents front tires from swivel) are the features that make this lightweight pram more secure for kids.

Compatibility with cocoon and car seat is another feature for versatility.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

After tons of research and analysis, we found it the best stroller for travelling. Compact yet spacious seats are easy to adjust while entering a standard size door. Moreover, it is easy to fold, and you can fold it only with one hand. The tires and their suspension are suitable for all types of terrains.

Reviews by Customer:

3- Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller


Why this double travelling pram?

Looking for some decent options without spending too much? Here Evenflo Minno Twin stroller for errands around the town is made for you.

You will find all the traits in this pram that any other top-notch, high-priced kids pushchair has. Five-point harness, well-cushioned seats, mesh-back, front tires suspension for a comfy ride, generous storage tray, front tires swivel lock system, extendable canopy, and cup holder are the features found in this stroller.

Moreover, an adjustable leg rest is also a feature for added comfort.

Built quality and material quality are up to the mark. In short, you can get this beast with all the traits at an affordable price.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

This stroller can be the right option for those who want all the advanced characteristics for baby comfort in this price range. During research and analysis, we have noticed that it won’t be a good option for those who want a compact folded stroller. Yes, having folded this stroller, the size is quite large.

Reviews by Customer:

4- Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller with Reclining Seats


Why this compact travelling pram?

Another beast is here to be reviewed for our readers. Just like Evenflo double travelling pram, this one has all the desired traits that parents think.

Well-cushioned and reclined seats with 40 pounds weight carrying capacity for each seat will be a boon to get your kid slept in no time. For enhanced comfort of a kid while travelling, an extended canopy protects the child from UV rays. 5 point harness is an incredible safety feature as well.

Like any other standard stroller, it comes with an easy to access and large storage basket. More amazingly, it comes with food trays for kids as well as for parents. A cup holder is also there.

Lightweight (it weighs only 23 pounds) and compact size will allow you to transport it anywhere without hassle. Moreover, its size allows you to roll through any door of standard size.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

The remarkable feature that we like the most about this stroller is its separate food trays for kids and parents. The kids’ food tray has been placed in front of the kids’ seat. On the other hand, the parents’ food tray is adjusted on the padded handle. Aside from food trays, 3 tier extendable canopy is another feather in the cap of Kolcraft cloud plus pram. More surprisingly, this stroller’s suggested weight carrying capacity is second to none.

The only negative point we have observed while testing is its large size after folding. Yes, it takes considerable space even if it has been folded.

Reviews by Customer:

5- Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller


Why this Stroller?

Some unique characteristics have been introduced in this model of stroller. First, you will fall in love with the available color combination of this double stroller.

Aside from the color, material quality checks all the boxes to make it more durable. Breathable yet comfier seat fabric provides ultimate comfort to kids. Moreover, 5 point harness safety features make you free from any hassle. Additionally, the front tires swivel lock system adds more protection on a straight road.

Canopy size is enough to protect the child from heat and UV rays.

Pneumatic bicycle tires are built with soft yet durable synthetic rubber, resulting in smooth riding all day. The most fantastic feature of this pram is its weight carrying capacity. Yes, if your child is a little bit weighty, this can be the right choice for you. The weight carrying capacity of this stroller is 55 pounds on each seat.

Separate Food trays for kids and parents are also available as an added facility. The most impressive feature that your kids love is its built-in speaker that is compatible with almost all types of MP3 devices.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Inbuilt quality and durability, this pushchair wins the battle. However, we don’t recommend it for travelling because of its weight and folded size. It weighs 43 pounds, which is hard to handle when you already have two kids to look for. Moreover, the folded size of the stroller is also large, which is not considered suitable for travelling.

Reviews by Customer:

6- Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono Complete - Single Stroller Converts to Side-by-Side Double Stroller


Why this Ergonomic Stroller for Errand and City Trips?

Bugaboo Donkey 5 stroller is an innovation in the Fun-Land of kids. The variable width of this stroll allows you to use it for single as well as twins. Yes, if you have only one kid, you can make it narrow (for one kid) with the help of three clips (latches) on its frame. However, the width of this pram can be expanded with clips (latches) if you have to accommodate two kids in it.

An improved seat and bassinet position will allow you to reach your children easily. Moreover, both lifted seats and bassinet come with mesh windows for better airflow. It doesn’t end here; 5 point safety harness is also there to protect your kid while errands around the city. Aside from 5 point harness safety, the seat comes with a handle to hold.

If you use the stroller for one child, you can adjust the given storage basket beside the kid seat.

Nonetheless, it has a storage basket beneath the seat/bassinet if you use it as a double stroller. The puncture-proof big wheels with a rare brake system and front swivel lock systems add more value to this pushchair.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

We must say that if budget isn’t a problem for you, don’t go to any other stroller in the market. It is perfectly designed for a single child and twins. In other words, it won’t be wrong to say that it will grow with your growing family.

Ergonomic design, durable and sturdy material, and effortless maneuverability are the features which impressed us while testing this stroller.

Reviews by Customer:

7- Dream On Me, Track Tandem Stroller- Face to Face Edition in Light Grey


Why this versatile stroller?

It is the first stroller in tandem style in this travelling stroller list. With a tandem style pram, you can easily go anywhere with your kids.

The Tandem style seats will allow you to adjust the seat either in front-facing or parent facing. More amazingly, the seats can be adjusted when kids face each other; kids can play with each other in this position.

Large pneumatic tires with front wheels suspension allow you a smooth ride. Moreover, the wheels are suitable for all types of terrains as well.

The rare wheels come with a handy foot brake system. On the other hand, the front wheels come with a lockable swivel system. These two features (foot brake and swivel lock) make the stroller safer for kids.

For added comfort, the front seat comes with a multi-positioned footrest. Moreover, the back seat can be reclined in multiple positions as well. An extended canopy protects your children from UV rays.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

According to our research, it will be a perfect pram for you if you look for a tandem styled pram. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, you can’t raise questions about its durability because of the aluminium frame.

So, we can say that the Dream on Me stroller can be perfect for you if you really like Tandem styled strollers for kids.

Reviews by Customer:

8- Graco DuoGlider Tandem Double Stroller for travelling:


Why this Cheapest Double travelling stroller?

Graco is the last but not the least double tandem pram to be reviewed in this list. Having reviewed and analyzed dozens of strollers, we come to the result that Graco offers maximum features at a minimum price.

So, if you want a Tandem pram that can double your adventure joy and don’t want to spend high, the Graco Tandem stroller is the best choice for you. Your kids would definitely enjoy the ride with a comfier seat with reclined options. Easy to access large storage basket.

Moreover, all the Graco car seats are compatible with this pushchair.

The smooth wheel maneuverability provides you effortless push having two babies in it. The weights carrying capacity of each seat is 40 pounds which is impressive.

One-hand standing fold offers you an ultra-ease. In short, this stroller offers all the basic yet extraordinary features for which parents are searching. So, keep enjoying this pram by investing too little.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

If you are looking for a pram with all the essential features with enhanced durability, Graco double stroller is made for you. Extra-large storage basket, Tandem style, car seat compatibility, reclined seats, and pro safety traits are the features you can get at a minimal price.

Therefore, we recommend this ride for those parents who want to spend low and enjoy more.

Reviews by Customer:

How do I choose the best compact lightweight double travel stroller for toddler and infant?

Where you need to be careful while choosing other products for your kids, stroller buying demands the same. You will have to check several points before purchasing a double travelling stroller for infants and toddlers.

Unless you have any idea about buying a travel double pram, here we will end up your bewilderment. Just read the following quick stroller buying points and make your decision perfect. Let’s get started!

Ask several questions to yourself:

The first and foremost step before buying a pram is to ask several important questions to yourself; thereby, you can get a clear idea about your need. For example, your sort of travelling (road trips, flying, airport)? Short distanced travelling or long? Do you travel regularly? Age and weight of your kids?

After getting the questions of all the questions mentioned above, you are ready to buy a double pram for your kids.

Size and Weight:

Now you have a clear idea about your travelling needs. The first feature you need to consider in your travel pushchair is its size. A compact sized pram is easy to push and roll through doors. Moreover, it will be a breeze to travel by public transport with a compact pram.

Additionally, the weight of a pushchair is another important characteristic to consider for travelling. As obvious, a lightweight stroller is always easy to carry and transport from one place to another when not in use.

So, it is evident that travelling double pushchairs for kids must be lightweight and compact.

Weight Carrying Capacity:

Having kids older than 1 year? If so, you need to consider the weight carrying capacity of the stroller. Most of the sellers mention the weight capacity of the pram. If it isn’t mentioned, ask before buying.

Otherwise, putting extra burden than recommended can reduce the life of the stroller.


Checking the durability of a stroller is the most ignored part. Generally, we only see an aesthetic and ergonomic design with vibrant colors and buying it for kids can be a wrong approach and a waste of money.

Check the frame material and seating material; thereby, you can assess how durable the product is.

Comfort Features:

In comfort features, you can check how well padded the seats are. Either the seat material is breathable or not? How is the airflow?

Can the seats be reclined or not? Whether the canopy or sunshade protects the kids from the sun’s UV rays? Leg rest is adjustable or not? How smooth is the maneuverability of buying a pushchair?

Compact Folding:

For a travel pram, you will have to check two things while checking the folding of a stroller. First, how easy it can be folded? Either you can fold it by hand or not?

The second thing you need to check is the folded size of the pram. Most of the strollers are not space-saving and surround ample space after folding. It won’t be suitable for a travel double stroller to take up extra space after folding.

So, always choose a kids pushchair which is space-saving after folding it.


Generally, strollers come with pneumatic wheels. Pneumatic tires have pros and cons. For example, pneumatic tires are puncture proof and suitable for all terrains. However, pneumatic wheels are not considered suitable for a bump-free ride.

Various stroller makers try to give you a smooth ride with a pneumatic wheel by adding suspension.

Check the wheel swivel and how easy to push and maneuver.

Safety Features:

For kids, safety must be your priority. It will help if you see whether the stroller (which you are going to buy) has 5 point harness safety feature. Moreover, check the straps of the harness are well padded or not.

Aside from 5 point harness, a wheel brake system and a swivel lock system are two more important features when analyzing the safety of a stroller.

Extended canopy size is also the point of consideration in safety features analysis to protect your kids from harmful sun rays.


Generally, double strollers come in two main types: Side-by-Side and Tandem Style.

Now, it is the choice of parents which they like the most. Both available styles of strollers have pros and cons. For example, Tandem or in-line strollers are considered space-saving products. For this feature, most parents love tandem style strollers for travelling.

On the other hand, side-by-side prams are popular when discussing double prams. Side-by-Side strollers need more space to maneuver and store as compared to In-Line prams. However, the road grip of side-by-side strollers is exemplary, and these strollers are more secure on roads.

Cost and warranty:

Cost is one of the decisive factors when buying a pushchair. Pick any three strollers by analyzing the features mentioned above. Compare the features of all the three chosen pushchairs and then compare the price. In the end, you will choose a perfectly matched stroller that is also cost-efficient.

If the manufacturer provides a stroller with a warranty, it would be a plus. So, check the warranty also.

Final Words:

We hope the above guide helped you find out the best double travel stroller for your infant and toddler. If you have excellent experience with a stroller other than the recommended ones, please do share in the comment box. Moreover, if you have a question in your mind, please ask; our experts will try at their level to answer your questions. So, buy a double pram and double the happiness. Thank you, stay blessed.


Which type of double stroller is best?

Before declaring a verdict, it would be good to tell you about the available types of double strollers. So, there are two types of double strollers in their design.

i- Tandem or In-lin stroller

ii- Side-by-side stroller

We think describing the pros and cons of both types of strollers is way better than declaring a verdict about a better pram. In this way, you have better knowledge of both types of strollers, leading you to decide to own your own.

Advantages of Tandem stroller:

It is being observed that mothers, who travel often, love In-line strollers. And the reason for this is obvious. Yes, Tandem strollers are space-savior. These In-line strollers are easy to roll through doorways and rush areas.

Moreover, these strollers take up small spaces in the trunk (after folding) when not in use. 

Disadvantages of Tandem (In-line) Strollers:

We have observed several disadvantages of In-line prams. For example, the front seat in this style might not be reclined. Moreover, the seat size is too small to adjust for a weighty and healthy kid.

Furthermore, it is tough to push a Tandem stroller when a chubby baby is in the front seat of this pushchair.

Advantages of Side-by-Side stroller:

Side-by-side strollers are easy to push, and jogging-lovers parents love this type of pram. The road grip of these strollers is fantastic.

Moreover, the weight carrying capacity of this stroller is higher than tandem strollers. Lastly, seat comfort of the side-by-side pram is perfect.

Disadvantages of Side-by-side stroller:

With bunches of advantages, a side-by-side stroller comes with several cons. For example, these strollers are not space-saving. Additionally, the fold might not be too compact.

What is a convertible stroller?

A convertible stroller is a newly invented design. In fact, a convertible pram allows you to use it as a single pushchair or attach another stroller for the other baby. In other words, a convertible stroller grows with your family.

Various models of convertible strollers’ widths can be adjusted according to the consumer’s needs.

The only downside of this type of pram is its price. Yes, these strollers share high price tags.

How long do toddlers need a pram?

It admits no doubt that a stroller ride is one of the most enjoyable rides for little ones. They enjoy the beautiful nature in parks and roadside along with the company of their parents. So, saying goodbye to a stroller has never been easy for any kid.

However, experts recommend that around three years’ kids give up the stroller and start walking; this will help the kids keep them active. So, when your kids are 3 years old, try to improve their habit of walking; thereby, they can enjoy a healthy life as well.

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