3 Wheel Vs 4 Wheel Stroller in 2024 (Highs and Lows)

Are you planning to have your first-ever baby in the near future? If so, plenty of responsibilities, being parents, will be on your shoulders. A stroller can be your savior and help you mitigate the burden of responsibilities in several ways. For instance, a pram can prove itself a champion when you are on a trip with your baby. However, it can be pretty confusing to purchase a stroller for the first time because of the various types of brands of strollers. Double (side by side and tandem style), single, with and without an umbrella, 3 wheel, and 4 wheel are popular prams nowadays.

The following discussion will highlight the most burning topic, “3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller,” for new moms. Hence, if you are also indecisive about these two types of strollers, keep reading and make your decision clear.

3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller 2024

By reading the following information, it might be easier for you to decide which stroller (three-wheel or four-wheel) will be suitable for you. Let’s get started with the

Advantages of 3-wheel prams:

Here, we come up with the top 05 benefits of 3-wheel strollers. These benefits will allow you to decide whether 3 wheel pushchair is made for you.

1- Manoeuvrability:

3 wheel stroller’s design is optimized to deliver an excellent manoeuvrability experience to the pusher. The 3-wheel pram comprises 2 large rare wheels and a relatively smaller front tire. The front wheel had a 360 swivel angle, which is great for turning around the corner and overcrowded areas.

Aside from a 360 swivel angle, several strollers develop a front wheel lock system that won’t let the wheel turn around and helps you keep moving in a straight direction.

2- All Terrain:

3 Wheel strollers are designed to offer the rider a shock and bump-absorbent ride, thanks to the large rare wheels.

Large rare wheels tend to absorb the shocks while commuting on bumpy roads. Aside from bumpy roads, 3 wheel stroller is one of the most suitable options for rough, muddy, and beach areas as well.

Moreover, if the pram is equipped with 3 air-filled wheels and a suspension system, your kid will enjoy a comfier ride and can take a tranquil nap on rough surfaces also.

3- Easy to Push:

Stroller with 3 wheels is designed to give ultimate comfort to the pusher. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that a 3-wheel pram can be pushed with only one hand.

Hence, if the pusher is busy with his phone or in any other activity, a 3-wheel pram won’t be a problem at all to push with one hand.

4- Great Choice for Active Parents:

3 wheels stroller is also commonly known Jogging pram for many reasons. For example, the wheels of the jogging pram are large, which consider suitable for grassy and rough terrain. Moreover, easy to push, and the excellent swivel angle of the front wheel make 3 wheel stroller perfect for jogging.

Therefore, for active parents who like running, jogging, and walking, 3 wheel pram can be the best choice. It is advised to lock the front wheel’s swivel while running for enhanced safety.

Disadvantaged of 3-wheel stroller:

Every product has both sides, negative and positive. For many, a 3-wheel stroller is suitable and meets the requirements. However, numerous moms complain about this type of pram and it isn’t according to the lifestyle of those. Let’s check what could be the possible negative points of a 3-wheel pram;

1- Not Space Savior:

It goes without saying that 3 wheel stroller isn’t too larger than 4 wheel pram while both are in use. However, having folded stroller, 3 wheel pram takes more space than 4 wheel stroller.

Yes, folded size of the 3-tire pram is larger because of its large wheel.

Note: The folded size can be compact by detaching the wheels.

2- Heavy Weight:

Another drawback of 3 wheel pushchair is its heavy weight. And the main culprit of this negative side of the pram is the large wheels, making it heavier than its counterparts.

Because of these drawbacks (heavier and not space savior), 3 wheel stroller isn’t considered portable, and parents find it hard to place it in a car while travelling by road.

3- Squeaking:

While researching, we observed many 3-wheel stroller users complaining about squeaking noise. After using it for months, the large wheels of the pram start squeaking, which is annoying for the pusher and rider.

4- Not Cost Effective:

3 wheels pram is relatively newer in the market than 4-wheel prams. And these types of strollers come up with top build quality that may cost you higher than their counterparts.

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Advantaged of 4 Wheels Stroller:

When you first ever think about a pram, you might have an image of 4 wheel pram in mind. It is because different strollers brands first manufactured that 4-wheel stroller. After that, other types of prams came to the market. Here, we come up with the advantages of a stroller with 4 tires.

1- Stability:

Because of 4 tires, the weight of the pram and rider is evenly distributed on all four tires, which delivers stability and road grip to a 4 wheel stroller. On the other hand, a pram with three tires is more likely to tip over.

So, we can say that the 4-tires pram will always win in the stability game.

Note: Nowadays, three-tire prams have a broad base (2 wide rare wheels) and better stability.

2- Easy to Transport:

Normally, a 4-tire pram is a lightweight and compact folded size which turns it into a portable stroller. With the folded compact size, 4 wheel stroller can easily be placed and transported in a car (for road trips).

3- Large Variety:

There are dozens of stroller brands in the market. And almost each pram brand manufactures 4-wheel strollers. Hence, we can say that a large variety is available in the market when choosing a 4 tires pram.

Moreover, 4-wheel prams are available in different designs and types, e.g., double, single, tandem, side-by-side, and with/without an umbrella.

4- Affordable:

Another advantage of the 4-tire pram which cannot be overlooked is its cost-effective price tag. In fact, this type of pram comes up in an extended range of varieties, from cheap to top-notch strollers. Therefore, you can buy an inexpensive or a top-notch pram according to your budget.

Disadvantages of 4-Wheels Stroller:

With several benefits, a pram with 4 tires also shares several dark sides. Let’s look at the opposing sides of a stroller with 4 tires.

1- Manoeuvrability Issues:

Moms like to commute with 4-wheel strollers in shopping malls and crowded areas because of their compactness. However, we must admit that 4 wheel stroller can’t manoeuvre as smoothly as 3-tire stroller.

2- Not Good for Off-Road:

Small wheels aren’t considered for rough and bumpy surfaces, and 4-wheel strollers have relatively smaller tires; that’s why 4 wheel stroller isn’t an all-terrain stroller.


We have tried to explain the topic “3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller”. Now check all the above-written advantages and disadvantages of both types of strollers and decide which can be the best-suited pram for you. If you have any other questions or stroller-related experience, please share them in the comment section. Thank you; stay blessed.


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