What are Best Strollers for Off road 2023? (Experts’ Review)

If you need to stroll your baby on rough terrains, beach sand, gravel roads, and cobblestone streets, here is our compilation of best strollers for off road.

It goes without saying that strolling a baby only on a smooth surface might be a dream. In reality, parents have to face different difficult situations while having a baby in a stroller. Hence, purchase the best all-terrain double stroller for your kids (if you have more than one kid).

Instead of enlisting only regular prams, we are here with a list of different kids’ pushchairs which is equally suitable for all types of terrains. So, let’s get started.

What Makes a Stroller Suitable for All Terrains?

It might be a hard nut to crack when differentiating between regular and all-terrain strollers. Both types of strollers look alike. However, when you pay attention wheels of strollers, you may notice a clear difference between regular and off-road prams. Let’s check out the differences which make a pram suitable for different terrains.

Large Wheels:

The main difference you would notice between regular and all-terrain prams is the size of the wheels. An all-terrain pram is equipped with large wheels.

Large wheels tend to handle jumps on the road more efficiently and offer a smooth ride to riders as well as the pusher.

After this, always try to purchase a large wheel stroller for rough terrain.

Air-filled Tires:

Available prams in the market come up with three different types of wheel. If you want to read a detailed article about the types of wheels of a pram, you can read it here.

For the all-terrain stroller, air-filled tires are the most suitable ones. In fact, pneumatic wheels tend to absorb shocks on bumpy roads more efficiently than other types of wheels. Moreover, the road grip of the pneumatic wheel is exemplary.

3 Wheels Vs 4 Wheel Strollers:

If we categorize prams according to the number of wheels, you will have two primary types; 3-wheel and 4-wheel prams.

Normally, going for a 3 wheels pram is advised if you want to buy an all-terrain stroller. A 3-wheel pram is to manoeuvre, thanks to its front wheel 360 swivel angle.


The suspension system plays an important role in making the ride smoother and shock-absorbent. Generally, an all-terrain stroller is equipped with a suspension system on all its wheels, offering a comfier ride on rough and gravel roads.

Cushioned Seat:

Aside from the various wheels attributes, an off-road pram has well-padded seats that let riders sleep in a tranquil environment.

 Well-padded seats also help to absorb jumps on rough terrain.

Sturdy and Durable Frame:

However, it isn’t a rule of thumb that always an all-terrain pram has a sturdier frame than a regular pram. Mainly, the build quality and durability depend upon the price and manufacturers.

Other Features:

Aside from the features mentioned above, all the other features, like an umbrella, storage basket, cup holder, food tray, and folding, are the same as a regular stroller.

The best all-terrain pram can have a five-point harness, extended canopy, lockable wheel, large basket, cup holder for the pusher, and food tray for the rider.

What are the Best Strollers for Off-Road (All terrain, Rough, beach sand, Gravel road, Cobblestone streets) in 2023?

Here, we will enlist the top 07 prams considered suitable for gravel roads, cobbled streets in Europe, beach sand, rough terrain while jogging and smooth surfaces. If you are also willing to purchase a pram that has a grip on all types of terrain, please keep reading;

1- Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller


Why We Choose This all-terrain double stroller?

A side-by-side all-terrain double stroller might be the year’s purchase for you if you fall in the category of active lifestyle parents, as you can see that this one can accommodate two of your kids.

Its large wheels are the best part that makes it suitable for off-road adventures. Yes, the sturdy frame’s base comprises 4 large air-filled tires, which tend to offer a smooth ride on bumpy and rough terrain.  

The front wheels’ size is relatively smaller than the rare ones. And 360 swivel angle of the front tires makes manoeuvrability easier. However, the front wheels can be locked in one direction, in case you use it while jogging.

For littler riders, well-cushioned seats with unlimited reclining options are no less than a boon. Moreover, both seats are equipped with a 5-point harness for ultimate safety. And Food trays with a cup holders on both seats will manage to entertain the kids with color foods while on the go.

The manufacturer didn’t forget the comfort of the pusher; thereby, the stroller comes with a soft grip handle, food tray, cup holder and storage compartment for a pusher.

Extended canopy with net window and large storage basket is the extra features that make the lives of riders and pusher easier.

Note: It weighs 43 pounds, and the weight carrying capacity of this stroller is 55 pounds

Final Verdict by our Expert:

According to our analysis, you will find it second to none while comparing its durability, navigation, shock absorbent, easy-to-fold, and comfort level. It can be folded easily. However, the width of this stroller can put you in a difficult situation at airports and different rush areas. Its width is 33 inches, which is more than the width of a standard door size. Moreover, it isn’t a space-saver item after folding it. In fact, it takes sizable space after folding it.

2- BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller


Why BOB RF3.0 Jogging Stroller for Gravel Roads?

A 3-wheel stroller is here that allows you to navigate freely and easily. With maximum maneuverability, it will offer a smooth ride on rough terrain.

Large rare air-filled wheels and relatively smaller front pneumatic tires with 360 swivel angles tend to absorb jerks on irregular surfaces. Aside from large-sized pneumatic tires, it is equipped with a suspension system that enhances the comfort level on uneven roads as well.

Unlike the above one, this one is designed to accommodate only one kid. So, the width of the stroller will let you pass standard-sized doors at home and airports. You will, in fact, enjoy it while navigating it.

Well-padded seat with 5-point harness delivers comfort with safety. Additionally, the seat can be adjusted at a desired reclining angle.

More amazingly, numerous pockets are tailored to the seat; the rider and the pusher can store their valuables while strolling.

The padded handlebar can be adjusted at 9 different positions for varying height pushers. So, you can adjust the handlebar height according to your ease.

Extra-large extendable canopy with net window helps to protect your kid from harmful sun rays. Aside from small storage pockets, one cargo basket is also beneath the seat to store other essentials.

Compact folding and lightweight features make it portable, and you can easily transport it from A to B.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

While testing it, we liked its shock-absorbent wheels and compactness. Easy maneuverability and compact size will let you easily stroll in a rush and narrow areas. However, the downside, we observe, is that it starts squeaking after a few months of use. Various users complain that rare wheels start sounding awkward after a few months of use. Aside from that, built quality, comfort, and navigation are perfect.  

3- Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller - Titan


Why is This stroller for beach sand?

Chicco stroller brand is synonymous with durability, chic designs, high comfort level, and easier maneuverability. And there is no exception regarding the Chicco TRE jogging stroller.  

First, let me tell you that it comes with 3 large pneumatic tires. The front wheel is relatively smaller (12″) than the two rear wheels (16″). This wheel configuration will let you take it to beaches, sand, grass, cobbled streets and rough terrain.

Aside from rough terrain, it will let you stroll in the market (rush areas), where you have narrower space to maneuver, thanks to its optimized and smart design.

The seat and canopy fabric is stain-proof and water-repellent, which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, the extendable canopy with a mesh chat window offers a tranquil environment for your baby for peaceful sleep. Moreover, the extendable canopy is zipper folded.  

When it comes to folding the stroller, you will find the Chicco TRE jogging stroller the most versatile one. It comes with three different folding designs for different spaces. For example, if you need to fold it and store it garage, this stroller can be folded with a self-standing design. On the other side, flat-folding is suitable for transportation in a car.

5 point harness, handle brake, and lockable front wheel make it the safest stroller for kids and parents.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Durability, shock resistance, comfort level, and safety are all features that may get you stunned. For active parents, it offers excellent services. Great swivel angle and maneuverability on gravel roads turn it into an all-terrain stroller. The only dark side of this stroller is its unfolding features. It takes hard effort, and you need to free both hands to unfold it.

4- Graco FastAction Jogger LX Stroller


Why Choose this stroller for cobblestone street?

Let me make it clear very first that this Graco pram is one of the cheapest strollers on this list. More amazingly, it won’t disappoint you when you start analyzing its features. Extendable canopy, great maneuverability, excellent built quality, easy-to-push, sturdy frame, and large storage are the features of this stroller which are second to none compared with its counterparts.

A prevalent complaint, we observed, is the folding complexity of a stroller faced by parents while holding a kid. Therefore, a dreamy stroller demands no effort to get folded. And you will find this feature in the under-reviewed pram. In fact, the Graco FastAction pram can be folded with one hand while holding your kid.

Aside from easy folding, different pushers want to adjust the handlebar height according to ease. And it is a common observation that parents with varying heights need to buy different strollers. However, the Graco FastAction stroller comes up with an adjustable handlebar height where you can adjust the handle according to your size.

Lastly, a large storage basket helps you to store different accessories, clothes, and baby items on the go. Moreover, large air-filled wheels offer a smooth ride on rough terrains. Additionally, a lockable front swivel wheel can help the stroller be the perfect jogging pram.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Lightweight, ease of use, easy to fold and assemble, large basket, adjustable handlebar, air-filled tires with a smooth ride, and comfortable seat for the rider are the features which are found up to par in this Graco’s model, while testing. In fact, you will find (hardly) all the mentioned traits in a stroller at the given cost.

The only aggravating factor observed was its front wheel swivel and lockable system. You need to put hard effort into controlling the stroller’s manoeuvrability because of its random swivel front wheel movement.

5- Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller


Why This Pram for Rough terrains?

Whether you need to stroll this stroller in tight spaces or want to go jogging with your kids, the Thule Urban stroller will not disappoint you. The smooth butter swivel’s front wheel makes navigation easier in tight spaces. On the other hand, the front wheel lockable system will turn it into a boon for active parents who love jogging.

Another factor you will rarely find in any other 3-wheel stroller is lightweight. Yes, it weighs only 25 pounds. For a pusher, it feels like pushing air. More amazingly, its wheels are equipped with a suspension system that offers smooth gliding like butter regardless of terrain texture (concrete, dirt, beach sand, and cobblestone). 

For better assistance, the brake system of this stroller is attached to the handle; thereby, the pusher can easily apply the brake with hand when needed.

The compact folding makes the pram highly transportable. It takes small space in your car while road traveling. In other words it can be best stroller for travel

Reclining the seat with 5 point harness ensures the comfort and safety of the rider. Moreover, an extendable canopy will protect the kid from scorching sun heat and UV rays.

Lastly, a storage basket makes a pushchair perfect for gliding, and Thule Glide 2 doesn’t lag in this trait as well. There is ample space in the storage basket to store baby clothes, diapers and different essentials.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Smooth pushing, excellent safety features, compact folding, and extra-large canopy and basket place the stroller on the list of best all-rounder strollers. However, we noticed something wrong with the front wheel. When the front wheel is not locked, it starts wobbling when you stroll it fast. And that uncontrollable wobbled front wheel (unlocked) makes the parents annoyed.

6- Baby Jogger Summit x Robin Arzon Stroller


Why This Pram for off-road?

There might be a no better option for multi-path use than the Baby Jogger Summit x Robin Arzon stroller. A sturdy frame makes it durable, no matter how rough the terrain is and how fast you are strolling it. Comfort knows no boundary when buying this masterpiece of a Baby jogger.

The deeper seat can easily be reclined at different points. However, the seat cannot be reclined to flat. The extended canopy never lets the harmful rays destroy the tranquil sleep of the rider. Moreover, amazingly, the canopy’s inner side print is something that would definitely be loved.

The stroller wheels offer something extra for active parents for a butter-smooth ride. For example, all three air-filled wheels have a suspension system that absorbs jumps and shocks on trails and rough terrain. Plus, the front wheel lock allows the pusher to push it fast while jogging.

Sweaty hands on the padded handlebar can make your strolling experience irritating. Therefore, it comes with a handlebar wrapped with a tether strap which has always been appreciated by the pusher with sweaty hands. In addition, a hand-operated brake system is also installed on the handle.

One hand and easy-to-fold design can be a boon for traveler parents because of its compact size. Well, compact folding can easily be adjusted in the trunk and takes small space.

Lastly, a large storage basket is another plus of this stroller that makes it desirable for parents.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

You will find all the traits that can be dreamed of by parents. Comfortable deeper seat, fast grip handlebar, hand-operated brake, smooth ride on off road, easy to push, and compact folding are the features which make this stroller perfect for all-terrain. On the negative side, the front wheel squeaking sound might sometimes irritate.

7- Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller


Why to choose This all terrain pram?

Zoom360 is the pram which is all-terrain in true essence, thanks to its air-filled tires. Yes, the under-reviewed stroller comes up with three large air-filled wheels. Here, it is essential to clarify that a tire pump is also included in the package, which can be a boon for a user when a tire gets punctured on the go. Aside from making air-filled tires, the suspension system is also exemplary. In fact, the manufacturer left no stone unturned to make this stroller perfect for rough terrains like trails and hikes.

Another feature of this stroller that you might like the most is its one-step brake system. The spring-loaded brake system will let you stop the stroller wherever you want to. On the contrary, many parents like hand-operated brake systems. Therefore, keep in mind that this one comes up with a foot-operated brake system.

The high-lifted seat helps your kid to enjoy the ride and all scenes. The extended canopy with mesh window will also permit you to chat with your kid on the go. Moreover, mesh window makes the seat breathable and airy, perfect for hot weather.

Lastly, its lightweight feature is something that makes you a fan. Well, it weighs only 26 pounds, which is easy to push and demands no hard effort. You, in fact, can easily push it with one hand.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

While analyzing features that make a stroller well-suited for all-terrain, it can be said that Zoom360 has all ones. Large wheels, an air-filled, shock-absorbent suspension system, and lightweight features make this pram suitable for beach, cobblestone streets, trails, hikes, and off-roads. The only negative side we observed is its large folded size. Yes, you can fold it easily; however, the folded size takes up a large space to store when not in use.

What are the Dark Sides of All-Terrain Strollers?

Before, we mentioned all the advantages of all-terrain strollers. Now, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of this type of stroller, so you can have a holistic view before buying one.

Heavier than Counterparts:

After reviewing all the all-terrain strollers above, you now have an idea that all-terrain strollers are heavier than regular strollers. Large wheels and a sturdy frame make this type of pram heavier than regular ones.

Large Folding:

Another drawback you might observe in an all-terrain pram is that this type of stroller is not space-saving when folded. In fact, you need to remove the wheels of the pram if you want to store it in a small space.


We have tried to compile the list mentioned above by keeping all the essential traits in mind that make a stroller suitable for any surface. We hope the aforementioned reviewed best strollers for off road will help you in your daily routine (it doesn’t matter whether you are strolling on a cobblestone street, beach sand, roads, trails, or gravel roads). If you have any other suggestions, please do mention them in the comment section. We would love to analyze and add your experience to our content for readers. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


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