Best Stroller for 1 Year Old Kids 2024 [Top 05 Experts Choice]

Buying a stroller means an investment for years that can be used for your first, second, and sometimes a third kid. Therefore, investing in a pram that delivers for years is wise. However, a range of stroller types and brands may get your wires crossed, and you may get a pram that might not meet your demands. Here, we come up to put a full stop to your confusion and help you choose the best stroller for 1 year old kid.

Therefore, if you still need to buy a stroller for one year old child, please check the following suggested prams and make your purchase of the year.

What would we cover?

In the following reviewed products, we analyzed all the essential safety features, comfort level, suspension, canopy, and storage basket. Moreover, you will know the weight-carrying capacity of all the reviewed strollers and can scan whether that will meet the demands of a 1-year-old kid.

Physical Appearance of 1-year-old Kid:

Where the first year of a first kid puts some responsibilities on parents’ shoulders, that year can also be fun for parents. Your kid starts learning new things. For example, kids start to call “Mama, papa” in the first year of their age. Moreover, they continue learning to sit without support and gradually start walking.

To cut a long story short, the first 12 months of a kid’s age are too crucial regarding learning and growth. And it goes without saying that a healthy growing kid can be a fast learner. So, here we are going to reveal the growing physical Appearance of a kid in his first 12 months.  

According to experts, a kid’s (boy) weight may vary from 18 to 22 pounds from 8 months to 12 months. On the other hand, a kid’s height may vary from 28 to 32 inches in the last fourth of the first year of the kid’s age.

Note: Girls tend to gain less weight (half a pound) and height (1 to 2 inches).

What are the best stroller for 1 year old in 2024

After knowing the physical Appearance of 1 year old kid, it would be easier for parents to choose the well-suited pram for their 12-month-old kid. In the following selected products, we have tried to mention all the features (weight carrying capacity, maximum kids’ height, comfort, safety, and durability).

Let’s dive into the detailed reviews of prams.

1- UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller


Why We Choose This Pram for one year old kid?

For parents looking for a one-time investment in a baby’s pram, the UPPABaby vista V2 stroller will probably be the perfect choice for them. From 2-month-old to 3 years old kids, it can accommodate everyone. The package includes one Mesa Car seat harmonizing the infant’s comfort needs.


This model of UPPABaby is known for its versatility. It can be a perfect match for your infant in the early months. After that, you can use it easily when your kid is one year old. It doesn’t end here; UPPABaby V2 grows with your growing family. Thanks to its tandem style design, you can use it as a tandem double stroller.


Moreover, this stroller offers unlimited options for seat adjustments as well.

You won’t observe any gap in its built quality. A sturdy frame provides it with a long life to this stroller.


Handlebar with adjustable height can be best-fit for parents with varying sizes parents. Moreover, pneumatic wheels offer a comfy ride on off-roading. If needed, the pusher can apply a rare wheel lock system for enhanced security. Aside from the wheel locking system, you would enjoy the front wheel’s smooth swivel maneuverability on all terrain.


The extended canopy provides ultimate protection from UV rays during sunny days. The large-sized storage basket can accommodate plenty of items while traveling.

For kids’ better security, the under-reviewed stroller is equipped with 5 point harness and handle for kids. To cut a long story short, this stroller can be a one-time investment you will never regret.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Having analyzed this stroller, it comes up with an easy-to-install car seat travel system and easy assembling. Moreover, with enhanced safety features with ultra-comfort level, it can be a dream ride for any kid of any age. It can be ideal for a rider of 1 year old because of its weight-carrying capacity and kids’ height adjustment. The only thing that can be considered its negative point is its high price.

2- BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller


Why BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller?

It won’t be wrong to say that BOB Gear Alterrain pro pram checks all the boxes; decent, durable, sturdy, comfier, and easy to push.

BOB Gear strollers are famous for build quality, and there is no exception in this model. The sleek yet sturdy frame makes it durable that can last for years. Aside from a sturdy frame, the padded seat is coated with water-repellent fabric that is less likely to tear off fast. 


When it comes to the comfort level of kids, you won’t find it second to any. For example, a little rider will enjoy the ride in its well-padded seat. To make the ride bump-free, the manufacturer left no stone unturned. The under-reviewed model comes up with SoomthShox suspension and air-filled wheels, which absorb jerks on bumpy roads and rough terrain.

For enhanced security and comfort, the adjustable handlebar is equipped with a handbrake that could be ideal for parents going downhill. Moreover, its one-hand quick-fold (Self-standing) system added extra comfort to parents’ life.

An extended all-weather canopy is also a great plus in which a magnet window is tailored for chatting with kids while jogging. Moreover, this 3-wheel stroller comes up with XL zip-top cargo basket, so chances of getting your valuables lost are minimal. Aside from the cargo basket, there are several other small pockets to store different valuables of parents.

The weight carrying capacity (75 pounds) and large seat are suitable for year-old kids.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Durability, easy maneuverability, comfort level, and safety traits are enough to impress parents, and the BOB Gear Alterrain pram wins the battle when we compare it with its counterparts. However, the downside of this stroller is its heavy weight, making it hard to transport. Moreover, sometimes the rare wheels start squeaking. Lastly, numerous parents need help assembling, and It takes almost 30 to 40 minutes.

3- Joovy Qool Stroller


Why is This one year old and toddler Pushchair?

Name any top 05 stroller brands, and you will find the Joovy brand among those. From inexpensive and basic strollers to top-notch strollers, you will find all types of strollers manufactured by Joovy. Among dozens of stroller models, Joovy Qool Strollers is famous for its versatility, which is available at an affordable price.  

From 1 kid to 3 kids, this Joovy Qool Stroller can meet the demands. More amazingly, it offers almost 56 different sitting positions to your kids. Yes, you heard it right. You can arrange the seats according to your desire in 56 different positions.


Conversion from single to double and triple stroller demands no sweat-efforts. In fact, it is an easy-peasy task.

The extendable canopy is made up of UPF50, which ensures protection from UV rays.  


 Moreover, the seats of the Joovy stroller come with unlimited reclining options coupled with adjustable leg rest as well. So, your one-year-old kid can take a nap in a tranquil environment.


The telescopic handlebar is covered with pure leather for the ultimate comfort of a pusher. Metal frame, rubber wheels (Front wheels suspension), and one-step wheel lock system are the stroller’s traits that stand out.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Durability (Zina Diecast Frame and rubber wheel) and well-padded seats with more than 50 seating arrangements are the features which make it a dreamy stroller for parents. It grows with your growing family. However, it won’t be a well-suited purchase for taller kids because of its seat sizes. Moreover, folding this stroller (with one seat) is easy; however, you need to remove the second seat before folding it if you use it as a double stroller.  

4- Graco Modes Element LX Travel System


Why Choose the Graco Modes Element LX Travel System?

Graco Modes Element LX is the most elegantly designed travel system in the list of top travel prams for one-year-old kids. This stroller comes up with SnugRide 35 Lite LX car seat that makes it suitable for infants. Once your kid starts supporting his head on his own, the stroller’s seat can be used in a fully reclined position. At age 1, a kid can sit in a stroller’s seat with an adjustable leg rest.

It means that this model of Graco is manufactured for infants to toddlers.

Additionally, the reversible design allows you to adjust the position of the seat in either front or parent faced.

The handlebar is equipped with a cup holder for the pusher. Aside from the parents’ cup holder, it also comes with a food tray for the rider.

Easy-folding, self-standing, large storage basket, and large water-resistant canopy make this stroller perfect for what one may ever dream of.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

Built quality, comfort level, maneuverability, and safety meet the standard and can give the tough time to its competitors. The allowed weight carrying capacity and seat size are perfect for 1-year-old kids. However, this stroller doesn’t have a telescopic handlebar for varying heights of pushers. Moreover, it takes more time to get it together.

5- Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System With SafeMax Car Seat


Why This Pram for Infants and Toddlers

This stroller lets you choose one attractive color among six different colors. Moreover, the Evenflo Pivot Modular pram offers almost every feature you may have ever desired at a reasonable price.


Car seat compatibility allows you to accommodate your kid in infancy; thereby, you can enjoy your trips. Moreover, the lightweight frame of this pram never makes you feel fatigued after hours of pushing it.


The car seat and stroller seat are padded well for enhanced comfort of the baby. Moreover, 5 point harness and extended canopy size help to ensure the rider’s safety.


The seat adjustments permit you to sit the rider either front or parent faced. So, your one-year-old kid can enjoy the scenery while sitting front faced. And when you feel like chatting with your baby, parent faced seat position will allow you to enjoy your baby’s company while outside.  

Large-sized canopy, large storage basket and cup holder for the pusher are also there to make this stroller winner.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

With the shared price tag, the Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system can be a great choice. With a low price tag, it offers almost every essential feature for a baby.

However, its build quality is not up to par. After usage for months, it starts squeaking, which may put you in an awkward situation.

Characteristics to consider before buying a pram for a 1-year-old kid:

It admits of no doubt that a durable, comfy, easy-to-push, easy-to-fold stroller is considered the best one. However, how can we assess the durability, comfort level, and all other features is a point to ponder. Here, we will brief you about some tests after which you can purchase a perfect travel system for your 1 year old kid. Let’s dive into the buying guide and make the purchase perfect;

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Weight Carrying Capacity:

When you plan to buy a stroller according to a kid’s age, it is crucial to know the suggested weight-carrying capacity by the manufacturer. If you have a 1-year-old kid, it is essential that the pram must have weight carrying capacity of more than 25 pounds. According to the experts, one year old kid with average growth weighs almost 18 to 22 pounds; thereby, the stroller must have a weight-carrying capacity of more than 25 pounds.

Seat Size:

After knowing the weight-carrying capacity of the stroller, you must see the seat size of the pram if you are going to buy a stroller according to a kid’s age.

Normally, a one-year-old kid is 28 to 32 inches high. Hence, ensure that the pram seat must accommodate the kid according to height of the kid.


Before buying the stroller, you must know about the terrain on which you have a plan to stroll the pram often. For example, if you often go outside (off-roading) with your kid, a stroller with air-filled wheels and suspension can be a perfect choice. 

Consider your family's growth:

It would be a wise decision to make your stroller a one-time investment. Hence, consider your family’s growth for the next five years and purchase accordingly. If you are going to have your first kid and have a plan for your 2nd and 3rd kid in future, a double stroller can meet your demands.

Durability and other Features:

Aside from the above-mentioned parameters, durability must be checked before buying. For durability check, you can see the frame and seat material of the stroller.

Furthermore, a large storage basket, wheel lock, 5-point harness, well-padded seats, large canopy, and reclining seat options are the traits which must be addressed for buying a stroller.


Budget is also a decisive factor when purchasing a stroller. That is the reason we have enlisted high and low-priced strollers above. So, check all the strollers and see the price tags; buy wisely.


We have tried to analyze all the features carefully; thereby, we can enlist the best stroller for 1 year old kid. After hours of research, we found all the above-mentioned strollers suitable for one year old kids. If you have an excellent experience with a stroller (other than the enlisted ones), please share it in the comment section. Thank you, Stay blessed.


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