When to Buy a Stroller during Pregnancy? [Detailed Guide]

Every time, you might have different experiences after getting pregnant. Physical and emotional changes are those challenges that you need to work on. And if you are going to welcome your first baby into the world, those challenges will get multiplied. Aside from physical and emotional challenges, you will have to do rigorous research on different baby items and decide whether the researched items are worth buying. All of this research may get your wires crossed. During your baby gears shopping research, a question may also surface in your mind that when to buy a stroller during pregnancy.  

Today, I am here to answer this question and try to clear all those doubts and mistakes which I made during my pregnancy while buying a kid’s pushchair. Let’s get started.

When to Buy a Stroller during Pregnancy?

Here, I am unveiling the answer to this question by dividing the pregnancy into major three trimesters. First, I will explain when is too early to purchase a pram and vice versa. After that, I will share my experience about purchasing a pram during pregnancy. After that, you will also find the list of all the features which you must check before buying a stroller. So, let’s get started;

When is Too Early to Buy a Stroller during Pregnancy?

First, make it crystal clear that stroller purchasing time varies from person to person. For example, a mom who is well aware of the stroller’s quality because of the wise decisions of her relatives can buy a pram early.

According to my experience, buying a pram in the first trimester of pregnancy is too early. There are several reasons which support the mentioned stance. For example, buying a pram in the first trimester of pregnancy might be too early to decide and you may attract to another stroller later on.

Similarly, in the early days of pregnancy, it is hard to tell about gender and you will have to purchase a gender-neutral stroller.

When is Too Late to Buy a Pram during Pregnancy?

On to the above one, deciding and purchasing a pushchair in the last days of pregnancy can be too late. For instance, if you decide to purchase a pram in the 36th week of your pregnancy, stroller delivery might be late which may cause trouble.

Moreover, a woman might face extreme and strong cramping in the last days of her pregnancy and she might not have time to choose a pram.

My Experience of Buying a Pram during Pregnancy:

To be very honest, buying a stroller during my first pregnancy, I had my worst experience. At that time, I was searching for a pocket-friendly pram. And I found a pram in the 8th week of my pregnancy which was a misfit.

However, I chose wisely when I got pregnant 2nd time. I tried a double stroller which was the best decision regarding pram buying.

Right Time to Buy a Stroller during Pregnancy:

Buying a pram during pregnancy is a subjective matter and you may purchase a pram whenever you want.

Nevertheless, the ideal time to purchase a stroller is between the 22nd to 29th weeks of your pregnancy. In these (mentioned) days, you also come to know the gender of your kid. You will have enough time to review your decision as well. Therefore, if you want to buy a pram during pregnancy, try to buy it in the middle of 2nd trimester of your pregnancy.  

What you see in a Stroller while Buying: 

While purchasing a pram during pregnancy, please keep a check on the following features of a stroller.

Type of Stroller: First, you need to several types of stroller. For example, whether you need a double, single, jogging with large wheels, or regular with small wheels stroller? Moreover, a side-by-side or tandem stroller will match your needs.

Comfort: While choosing a pram, checking the comfort level for little riders as well as for pushers is also essential. Check how well-padded the pram seat and harness straps are. Is the pram equipped with an extra-large canopy to protect the kid against UV harmful rays from the sun? Check how easily it can be pushed.

Wheels: Whether you are going to shop for a car or a pram, wheels get prime importance. You can have a complete guide to pram wheels by clicking. In addition, you should know about the types of stroller wheels as well.

Durability: For checking the durability, check the material of the stroller frame, seat, and wheels.

Weight and Size: Bulky and large-sized strollers are hard to push and transport. Moreover, they take more space to store. Therefore, always go for lightweight a compact stroller. Check the dimensions of the stroller before and after folding it.

Extra Features: Glass holder, food tray, storage basket, extendable canopy, reversible seat, handlebar height adjustment option, and reclinable seat are the traits, you must check before buying a stroller.


I hope the above guide will help you buy a perfect stroller at the right time during pregnancy. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section, I will be happy to answer your query. Thank you, Stay Blessed.

Karen Christine

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