Top 05 Best Infant Insert for Strollers in 2024

Having a baby for the first time (First pregnancy) can be a journey of excitement and downheartedness. Where parents are delighted to welcome their new angel into the world, they have to manage certain items before arriving at the little one. Among those dozens of items to be managed during pregnancy, a stroller is one of the most important ones. Like various other luxury baby items, a stroller also demands several accessories for enhanced comfort. Here, I come up with a list of the best infant inserts for a stroller; a highly demanding pram accessory.

Let’s have a detailed discussion about choosing the best stroller liner. I have a complete list of the most recommended stroller infant inserts by moms. Let’s have a look at the following chosen products with all the related queries;

05 Reasons to Buy a Stroller Liner

Here, various moms complain about the high price tags of strollers. And buying stroller accessories spins their heads. Hence, moms, often, ask me why to buy a stroller infant insert, after having a luxurious expensive pram. Here, I am going to explain the following reasons to justify that stroller liners can be worth buying.

  • Comfier: Newly born babies demand extra care and comfort. And they are more prone to get affected by an external environment. So, the very first reason that persuades parents to buy a stroller liner is enhanced comfort for their kids. A mom always tries to deliver added comfort to her little angel. And this ultimate desire for comfort for her kids provides the very first reason for buying a pram insert.
  • Easy to Clean: Normally, where there are kids, there will be a mess around. Crumbs, spills, beverages, and small food particles are likely to trap in the stroller’s seat crevices. And it is hard to make that stroller clean. On the flip side, the stroller infant insert is easy to remove and deep clean.
  • Keep the baby cool: Liners/inserts are considered a savior in a warm area. The breathable fabric of the liner can help to keep a baby cool in summer.
  • Modish: Moms are always in search of different baby items that bestow their kids a stylish yet elegant look. Designs of different liners can help to add value to the stylish look of mothers and their babies.
  • Extra Features: Various infant inserts for strollers come up with various other features like storing small items in pockets and easy-to-fold and unfold mechanisms that make them desirable.

How to Buy a Stroller Infants Insert?

Although a stroller insert isn’t a baby item that costs you an arm and leg, you must give a little time to research before purchasing this small item as well. Before, purchasing an insert, please check the following factors carefully;

Infographic of How to Buy a Stroller Infants Insert


The material of any product has a prime importance. A good quality material makes an item up to par and vice versa. The same is the case with the stroller insert. Check which fabric is used in the insert and which material makes the liner well-cushioned.

Fabric must be breathable; thereby, you can mitigate the heat effect while going outside on sunny days.


Choosing a design is a subjective design. In design, you can check the available colors, and how the liner is tailored, whether the fabric is floral or plain.

In my point of view, try to choose dark colors as these are less likely to get stained.

Stroller Seat Compatibility:

I have tried to mention all those inserts that are universal and can be used with any stroller of any brand.

However, various stroller liners are manufactured to meet the demands of certain types of strollers. Therefore, it is always advised to keep this factor in mind and choose accordingly.

How easy to clean:

Check whether the under-considered liner is easy to wash or not. Various stroller liners are easy to wash and clean. You can wash them in washing machines and with your hands.

Furthermore, many manufacturers use water-repellant fabric which makes your cleaning task easy-peasy.

Other Features:

In other features, you can check the headrest, cushioning, Velcro/button quality, and tailored small storage pockets. Moreover, check whether the insert design allows you to adjust it in 5-point and 3-point harness systems or not.

Additionally, see how easy to adjust it in a stroller and car seat.

Top 05 Best Infant Insert for Stroller in 2024

Let’s offer our kids a modish look, comfy ride, and better journey experience without getting them affected by weather conditions with the following chosen inserts.

1- Rezlli All Seasons Newborn Baby Support Cushion Infant Insert


Like me, parents are, generally, trying to find a stroller accessory that won’t burn a hole in their pocket. Thereby, the Rezlli infant insert comes up with all the desired features that deliver ultimate comfort to the little rider.

The all-season infant insert’s  very first feature that makes me fall in love with this product. Rezlli insert is tailored innovatively and can be used with both sides. Mesh and breathable fabric on one side of the liner helps to keep the little angel cool on hot and sunny days.

On the flip side, the other velvet side is perfectly useful to keep the kid warm in winter.

For better posture and comfort, the insert’s design distributes the weight of the wearer equally in all its three parts. Moreover, its design is equally suitable for swings, car seats, and strollers.

Lastly, it is also important to tell all those moms who are thinking about purchasing it that the Rezlli liner/cushion is easier to maintain as you can wash it in a washing machine and with your hands. Furthermore, it demands no sweaty effort to adjust and remove it from the stroller seat.

2- UPPAbaby Infant Snugseat


I bought this UPPAbaby seat after having my first baby Sarah. So, if you are looking for a durable, elegant, and comfier option, this UPPAbaby infant snugseat can put a full stop to your search.

UPPAbaby is known for its different quality products for kids and you will find no exception in this snugseat. It could be a perfect gift for those kids who don’t start supporting their heads on their own. Its ingenious design supports the kids’ head and spinal system perfectly.

Here, I was a little bit worried before purchasing this UPPAbaby snugseat as it was portrayed for infants up to 3 months of age. However, kids more than 3 months of age can also use it just by removing the headrest and wedge.

Its breathable material and matchless seam make it durable which tends to keep a baby cooler in summer.

The only negative side that I observed is its light gray color and higher price. The light gray color is more likely to get stained and hard to wash as it cannot be washed in a washing machine.

3- JYOKO Kids Reducer Cushion Infant Head


JYOKO has left no stone unturned while making this liner comfier for infants. First, my sister, a mom of two, bought this stroller infant insert for her first baby and its eye-catching yet infant natural posture supportive design made me its fan.

The manufacturer divides this masterpiece into three parts; head, body, and back. All these three mentioned parts help little angels to grow in a better and faster manner.

Aside from that, the material of this liner is comprised of 90% organic cotton that won’t create any skin issues for its little users.

The innovative design of this insert surrounds the little wearer with extreme softness and makes him feel like a hug of mom (purest love and affection).

Note: The manufacturer offers this product in different colors; however, try to buy it in dark colors. Light colors tend to get dirty faster than dark colors.

4- Pro Goleem Car Seat Head Support Infant


Pro Goleem Car seat head support for infants can be a perfect choice for stroller, swing, bouncer, and crib consumers. Availability in different colors makes it more attractive for kids and parents.

The well-padded design of this insert will always be there to deliver ultimate comfort while riding in a stroller.

The manufacturer tailored this masterpiece in such an amazing shape which hugs the baby and makes him feel comfier all the long day. Moreover, the design will let you use a five-point harness for safety.

Plastic snap and durable buttons for the headrest keep the insert and headrest in place.

Pro Goleem insert might be an ideal choice for parents who are searching for a pocket-friendly option.

Note: The age limit of this insert is only 12 months. Therefore, keep your baby’s age in mind before purchasing.

5- 2-in-1 Infant Car Seat Insert Cushion Pillow


Here, I selected the last item for our today’s list. One of my friends used it and found it really helpful when it came to giving comfort to little ones.

The floral pattern on one side indicates that this full-body support insert cushion is only for girls. However, it can be gender-blind by using its other side. The other side of this full-body support cushion is equipped with a dotted pattern that bestows a tranquil sleep on your kid.

The detachable headrest can be fixed with the help of a Velcro strap on the body support section.

The innovative design allows you to use it in a stroller, crib, swings, and car seat.

In a stroller, this insert is equally suitable for the five-point and three-point harness of the stroller seat.

Final Words:

Having a detailed analysis of the best infant inserts for strollers, now you have an idea of which will be suitable for you. If you have used a stroller insert other than the mentioned ones above, please don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section. If you have any related questions, please do ask in the comment box. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


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