How to Store a Bassinet?

With excitement and enthusiasm, it brings huge responsibilities for being parents for the first time. Once, parents were worried about shopping for perfect and elegant items for their newborn babies. After several years, your baby starts outgrowing all those items, and storing those baby items becomes a new headache for parents. Today, I came up with one of the most asking questions: how to store a bassinet.

Here, I will share the answer to the above-asked question with some practicable tips that I followed to store the bassinet.

Simple Steps to Follow to Store a Bassinet:

Here, I have divided all the procedures of bassinet storage into four simple steps that are easy to follow. Let’s have a look at all those steps one by one;

Remove Bedding:

A bassinet has always been mom’s best friend because of its comfy environment, which helps little angels take tranquil naps.

Different well-padded items in the bassinet make it comfortable for kids.

So, our first step to store a bassinet is removing bedding, mattresses, pillows, cushions, and all fabric items.


The next step requires some extra care and attention of you. Sometimes, a bassinet gets damaged while breaking it down.

So, you need to apply force gently to disassemble the bassinet.

You can store a bassinet without dismantling it; striping a bassinet down saves ample space in storage.

Wash, Clean, and Dry:

If you want to extend the life of your storage item, cleaning up before storage is one of the most important yet ignored parts of the storage process.

After years of usage of the bassinet, it gets dirty and smelly. Therefore, washing and cleaning all the bassinet’s disassembled items is essential before storage.

Wash all the fabric items and frames carefully. After washing, let all the items dry under the sun.


After getting all the items dried out, it’s time to pack them in bags.

There are plenty of benefits of packing bassinet in bags before storage. For example, all the bassinet pieces will stay safe from dirt, moisture, dust, and rust.

You can pack all the disassembled pieces of a bassinet in garbage bags. The other way to pack a bassinet is to use available bassinet bags in the market (You can find the suggested bassinet bags below in this article).


Following all the above steps, you can now store the bassinet in the garage. It takes a small space to store. Moreover, after years of storage, you will get a fresh, rust-free, zero-dust, and odor-free bassinet.

Precautions to Follow in Bassinet Storage:

The following precautions will be helpful to extend the stored bassinet life;

Store in a dry place:

Always try to store a bassinet in a dry place at room temperature. Moreover, choose a storage place where the bassinet is away from direct heat and sun rays.

Furthermore, moist places tend to make the bassinet rusty and moldy.

So, always choose a dry place to store a bassinet.


It is also a good practice to store any item with proper labeling.

It becomes easier to find any piece of the stored item with labeling.

Therefore, it is advised to label all the pieces of a bassinet. For example, you can label bedding items, frame pieces, nuts, and bolts.

Separate Packing of Nuts and Bolts:

One of the most ignored parts of bassinet storage is to store all the disassembled pieces in one bag. And when we need to assemble the bassinet again, finding small nuts and bolts becomes hard.

Therefore, always store nuts, bolts, and other small items in a separate bag; you can find them easily when needed.

Best Bassinet Storage Bags:

I tried the following bags to store the bassinet in a garage. You can also give them a try. However, you can only use large garbage bags for storage if you want to save some extra bucks.

1- UPPAbaby RumbleSeat/Bassinet Travel Bag

UPPAbaby is one of the most famous stroller brands. You will find different quality baby items manufactured by this brand. Certain moms love to use UPPAbaby baby items. While searching for bassinet bags on the internet, I came across this masterpiece of UPPAbaby.

Like its Vista V2 stroller, this travel bag didn’t disappoint me.

This UPPAbaby travel bag can store a sizeable bassinet for years. High-quality fabric, smooth zippers, and excellent build quality make it desirable.

Water-resistant fabric keeps the stored item dry and rust-free. Moreover, the UPPAbaby travel bag is equipped with small pockets, which can be beneficial for nuts and bolts storage.

Note: Check the size of your bassinet before buying a UPPAbaby travel bag.

2- Home Complete Extra Large Storage Bag

I know this bag is designed for something other than bassinet storage. It is a multi-purpose storage bag. You can use this bag to store any extra large household items.

However, I used this bag for the storage of a bassinet, and amazingly, it works perfectly.

After keeping a bassinet in it, this bag also has ample space to store outgrown baby clothes. Therefore, I always store baby clothes with bassinet. By doing so, the store bassinet gets extra padding and enhanced protection.


I hope the above guide will help you keep your bassinet secure for a long. Keep visiting our blog for updates. My wife and I love sharing different life experiences with our kids to help parents. Please ask in the comment section if you have any other related queries. I will try to help you out as per my experience. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


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