How to Fold UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2024? [Guide with FAQs]

After purchasing a stroller, parents need to follow certain instructions; thereby, that pram can last longer. For first-time pram buyers, you should know the stroller cleaning procedure, storage, how to use it, and other precautions. Aside from all that, it requires frequent folding and unfolding of a stroller around the clock. For a new stroller, a consumer doesn’t know the exact way to fold and unfold which, sometimes, puts him in an awkward situation. Here, I come up with the same query of Uppababy Vista users which is, How to fold Uppababy Vista stroller. Aside from the mentioned question, I will try to cover related questions as well. So, be with me and learn to fold and open the stroller.

How to Fold UPPAbaby Vista Stroller?

It is an admitted fact that every task is hard to perform for the first time. And once you start doing that task, it becomes easier to do. The same is the case with the folding UPPAbaby Vista stroller. Initially, It seems tricky to fold it, however, it becomes easier after learning it.

I have divided the whole folding process into 7 simpler steps; thereby, a user can learn easily. Let’s check out all the steps in detail;

Apply the Brakes:

First step is to apply brake of Uppababy Vista

The very first step to follow while folding the UPPAbaby Vista stroller is to apply the brake. By doing so, the stroller will be jammed in one place and you can easily follow the further folding steps.

Extend the Handlebar:

Extend the handlebar at its full length

UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller comes with an extendable handlebar for varying heights of pushers, by pulling the handlebar at its full position. It will help the stroller to stand (after folding) without getting any support.

Fold the Sunshade:

Third step to fold Uppababy Vista is to Fold the Sunshade

An open sunshade will be a good idea to keep a baby cool in a stroller. However, folding the sunshade before the stroller folding is an essential step to follow.

Apply Force on Folding Levers:

Fourth step is to apply Force on the Folding Lever

At the base of the handlebar, there is a lever for folding the Vista V2 stroller. Just pull that smartly built lever up and the stroller will be folded.

Note: Check the manual guide to find the folding button/lever of other models of strollers.

Fold Footrest:

To make the stroller folding compact, you can fold the footrest as well.

Note: You can remove the pram’s wheels to make it compact for traveling purposes.

By just following the mentioned above easily followed steps, you can fold the Uppababy Vista pram without any hassle.

Detailed Infographic of How to Fold UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2023

How to open Uppababy Vista Stroller?

Unfolding the UPPAbaby Vista pram is another simpler task; however, some consumers get entangled and break any part of the stroller. For those situations where you are at your wit’s end, the following discussion can guide you;

Push the clip:

UPPAbaby Vista2 pram comes with a clip on the left side near the handle. By pushing that clip gently, a stroller can be unfolded.

Unfold the items:

Having unfolded the pram, now you can open the sunshade, and footrest, if needed. Furthermore, get the front wheels in the right direction.

Common Uppababy Vista Folding Problems:

Some parents find it difficult to fold Uppababy Vista V2. I came to know about this by visiting different online communities. After that, I also interviewed different parents using Uppababy Vista strollers, and they, generally, have the following problems;

Can’t Find Folding Levers:

Having read the manual guide provided by the manufacturer can make consumers’ lives easier. However, a manual guide by the manufacturer is one of the most ignored items most of the time. This problem can easily be solved by reading a manual guide.

Delicate Unfolding Clip:

A user needs to apply force politely on the unfolding clip. While opening the stroller, parents, generally, apply unnecessary force to that delicate clip. As a result, that clip gets broken.

How to Carry Uppababy Vista When Folded?

Carrying a stroller when not in use might be the scariest thing for parents. Sometimes, parents need to carry a kid along with the stroller; for example going up/down the stairs.

Aside from the above-mentioned situations, Uppababy Vista can be folded and carried easily. You can remove wheels for compact folding and use a stroller bag for better protection.


A lot of parents asked how to fold the Uppababy Vista stroller. I hope the above comprehensive guide will help you in this regard. Aside from that users can learn by reading the manual guide provided by the manufacturer. If you have any other related queries, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you, Stay Blessed.


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