What is a Convertible Stroller? A Detailed Guide 2024

A wise man is one who always shows a vision in his every decision; whether it is about family planning or purchasing a baby product like a stroller. People who welcome their first kid generally prefer to buy a single stroller without thinking about the 2nd one. However, many wise parents always love to purchase convertible strollers for their kids.

For those, who don’t know what convertible stroller actually is, I am here to explain it in detail. Aside from that, you will find the pros and cons of a convertible pram; thereby, you can decide whether you should buy it or not.

What is a Convertible Stroller?

A convertible stroller is a type of pram that is innovatively designed to be used as a single or double pram as per the requirements of users.

It means you can use it as a single or double pram just by removing or attaching one stroller seat. The convertible stroller grows with the growing family.

With one kid, you can use it as a single pram and when you have your second kid, just attach the second seat and use it as a double pram.

What are the pros and cons of convertible strollers?

I hope, you have understood, what is a convertible stroller. Now let’s have a bird’s eye view of the different pros and cons of that stroller;


Grows with Family:  A convertible stroller can be a one-time investment in your life. Once, you buy it, it tends to grow with your growing family. It can be used from your first newborn to the 2nd kid’s toddler age.

Single and Double:  A convertible pram is known as a stroller which can be used as a single as well as a double stroller as per the requirements of consumers.

Multiple Configurations: This type of stroller allows you to adjust multiple configurations and seat positions as per demands. Parents can adjust seats in front and parent-facing directions. Moreover, several convertibles allow parents to adjust the seats in a riders-facing order, in which kids can enjoy the company of each other.


Before purchasing this type of stroller, you must know about the dark sides of it. Please check the following disadvantages of the mentioned prams;

Expensive: Because of innovative design and luxurious features, a convertible may cost you more than other double strollers:

Bulkier: A double stroller is supposed to be bulkier than a single pram. That’s why always keep this point in mind while buying a convertible.

Complex: The folding and unfolding of a convertible can be more complex than a regular pram. You will have to remove the seat and certain accessories before folding it.


Having read the pros and cons of a convertible stroller, it is now clearer to you whether you should buy the mentioned type of pram or not. I regularly share my experience with the stroller and answer related queries. If you have any related questions, please do ask in the comment section. I’ll try to answer as per my experience. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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