Stroller Vs. Baby Carrier [Complete Analysis 2024]

Like me, moms having their first baby have a war of thoughts in their minds by comparing a stroller and a baby carrier. And it becomes really hard to decide which one can meet your demands. On different social media platforms and online forums, moms are frequently researching strollers vs. baby carriers. Here, I have interviewed dozens of moms (including myself) who used baby carriers and strollers in their lives and enlist the benefits of both types of baby items.

You can read and decide which baby item will suit your lifestyle or you have to buy both ones.  Now let’s have a look at a detailed comparison of both of the items.

Stroller Vs. Baby Carrier:

Here, I am going to share my personal experience along with the experience of those moms who used a carrier and stroller as well. 

Benefits of a Stroller:

There are several benefits of a pram, when compare with a baby carrier. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of all of those advantages one by one;

For Long Walks: A stroller can be a perfect choice for long walks and jogging. It is easy to push and several jogging strollers are safe enough to jog on bumpy surfaces as well.

Easy to Push: As compared to other stroller alternatives, a stroller is easier to push when you have a big kid in it. You won’t have to consume a lot of your energy to push while having a big stroller. Moreover, double strollers are best suited for parents of two.

No Back and Shoulder Pain: For back and shoulder pain sufferers, pushing a pram won’t aggravate the situation. More amazingly, you can spend more time with your baby in a stroller without getting tired.

Wide Range: For buyers, there are different types of strollers for different situations. Moreover, hundreds of manufacturers with varying built quality offer a wide range to select the most suited stroller.

Jogging on Rough Terrain: Only a jogging stroller offers the safest way to jog on rough terrain without getting the kid injured. On the flip side, you can check other options to jog with.

Disadvantages of a Stroller:

On the other side of the picture, there are several disadvantages of having a stroller that may keep you away from buying this product;

Need for Multiple Strollers: It is an admitted fact that a pram can be a savior for moms. However, one needs multiple strollers for different situations which results in high cost. For example, you can’t jog with a regular pram.

Space and Weight: Nowadays, various strollers are designed to be lightweight for traveling. However, most of the strollers are bulkier than other alternatives. In addition, strollers need ample space to be stored and strolled.  

High Cost: A stroller is an expensive product. And various inexpensive strollers in the market might not meet your demands.

Baby Carrier Benefits:

Many moms prefer baby carriers for certain reasons. Let’s check out the advantages of a baby carrier and why moms love to use it.

Baby Soothing: One of the top reasons for using a carrier instead of a stroller is the ultimate comfort of a baby. Little angels feel comfier when they are near to their parents and a carrier allows them to be nearer to their parents by baby-wearing.

Perfect for Bonding:  A carrier is the best way to make a strong bond between a kid and a mom. By baby-wearing, a mom develops a sense of satisfaction and the baby feels securer as well.

Lightweight: As compared to a pram, a carrier is way lighter. Furthermore, it is portable and can be used anywhere.

Hands-Free in Tight Areas: There are several no-go areas for strollers; there a baby carrier can be the best choice. Additionally, a carrier can be the perfect choice in public transport and tight areas, where you can act with your free hands.

Cost-Effective Product: If you won’t spend too much on baby gear, a carrier is the most convenient yet inexpensive product to be bought.

Disadvantages of Carriers:

Every picture has two sides and it would be unfair to see only one side of a picture and make a decision. Therefore, I am going to reveal the disadvantages of a carrier for a comprehensive understanding.

Strained Shoulders and Back: For back and shoulder sufferers, it won’t be good practice to have your baby in a carrier. It may add fuel to the fire.  

Tiring Practice: For long walks and jogging, a baby carrier can be a tiring practice. You can’t carry a kid in a carrier all the long day while walking.

Not Good for Big Kids: For more than one kid, a carrier won’t be an ideal choice. Moreover, carrying big kids may result in shoulder and back pain.


By having the advantages and disadvantages of both types of mentioned products, now you have a complete picture of the story. Decide whether you should buy a stroller or a baby carrier. On the contrary, various moms prefer to buy both products for varying circumstances. If you have any other relevant queries, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


Karen Christine

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