Stroller Wheel Complete Guide (Size, Fixed, Swivel, Suspension)

If you are a first-time buyer of a stroller, plenty of brands and a plethora of stroller types may make your head spin. Aside from differentiating types and brands of prams, you also need to have a comprehensive guide about wheels. For example, 3 wheel pram will meet your demands or 4 wheel pram suits your lifestyle? What type of stroller wheels (air-filled, foam-filled, EVA rubber tires?) will perfectly match your lifestyle? Moreover, size, front wheel swivel or fixed, and suspension are the confusions that must be addressed to clarify your mind while buying a pushchair.

Stroller Wheel Size:

Among different queries related to wheels, we reveal the kids’ pushchair wheel size and for whom which wheel size is perfect. For this purpose, we have classified stroller wheels into two main categories;

  • Large Wheels (12 to 24inches)
  • Small Wheels  (5 to 12 inches)

Large Wheel Strollers:

A stroller with large wheels means an all-terrain pram for various obvious reasons. For example, large wheels absorb shock and jolt while strolling on uneven and rough surfaces.

Generally, a jogging pram is equipped with large wheels, where the pusher needs to stroll the rider on uneven and bumpy roads.

Generally, large wheels of strollers fall in the category of Air-Filled wheels for a better riding experience.

PS: The diameters of the large wheels stroller vary from 12 inches to 24 inches.

Small Wheels Strollers:

Prams with four wheels are equipped with relatively small-sized tires. This type of stroller is considered perfect for daily use (strolling in shopping malls, roads, and smooth surfaces).

Foam-filled wheels are often used when it comes to manufacturing small-sized pushchair wheels.

Because of the small size wheels, the pram folding size is compact and precise, and you can transport this travel stroller in a car easily.

Moreover, there is no fear of getting punctured (foam filled) on the go.

PS: The diameter of a small wheel stroller may vary from 4 inches to 12 inches.

Front Wheel Swivel or Fixed?

Aside from stroller wheel size, parents get confused while deciding to go for front wheel swivel or fixed options.

Here, we come to an end to this confusion.

Nowadays, the market is full of strollers with front wheels swivel features that are lockable and can be fixed if needed.

Normally, fixed front wheels strollers are suitable for active parents who only want to use a pushchair for jogging.

However, a pram with a front wheel swivel is versatile and multipurpose. You can use it (stroller with front swivel wheel) for shopping, commuting, and jogging (locking and fixing the front wheel).

Hence, we always recommend buying a stroller with front swivel wheels that can be locked.

Stroller with Suspension System:

Air-filled wheels with suspension can enhance a smooth ride experience with added comfort. However, the suspension system sometimes makes it heavier. So, you will have to compromise either on the lightweight feature or the suspension system.


We have tried to get you to cover all the queries related to stroller wheels. We have covered all the mentioned pram-related questions in different articles; therefore, it is advised to read all the related articles as well to make a wiser decision. If you have any other questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you, Stay Blessed.


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