How to protect stroller when flying? (Guide with FAQs 2024)

Being parents, you have to experience different challenges in your life. And when it comes to traveling with toddlers or infants, problems get multiplied. We are here with one of the significant problems that might be faced by many, which is getting a damaged stroller when you disembark at the airport. So, how to protect the stroller when flying is the basic issue that is going to be addressed here.

Moreover, you will get various other important tips about traveling with kids. Therefore, if you are flying with a baby first time, continue this read to avoid any mess at the airport. So, let’s get started without any delay.

4 Tips to protect your stroller when flying 2024:

It seems really easy to travel by plane when you are single. However, after getting married and having kids, traveling will never be an easy-peasy job. You have to manage scores of items for toddlers, and a stroller is essential at the top of the checklist to carry along with. Here, we come with 4 excellent tips to prevent damage to your stroller at the airport.

1- Counter Check or Gate Check:

At the airport, you are provided with two main options related to strollers;

a- Counter Check

b- Gate Check

Yes, the risk of getting a damaged stroller is high in the counter check option. When using the counter check option, you are likely to get a broken pram on disembarking. It is obvious because luggage handler staff at the airport handle your baggage (including stroller and car seat) carelessly, which results in broken pieces of your several delicate items.

On the other hand, the Gate Check option is relatively safer than the above one. It admits of no doubt that there are minimal chances of getting a shattered pram with gate check option.

Moreover, please don’t get annoyed or confused about the Gate check. In fact, a Gate check is a simple procedure. By placing the provided tag on the stroller’s handle, you need to drop off your pushchair at the gate.

Before arriving at the gate, your stroller will be with you all along the way to airport security. Now it depends on your choice; either you want to avail a Gate check option or a Counter check.

Note: Gate check Policy may vary from one airline to another one. 

2- Stroller Bags:

It’s a common observation that parents don’t show reluctance when spending high on buying strollers. However, people will be in two minds whenever you talk about purchasing pram bags.

We know a stroller bag is not essential, but it can provide extra care to a stroller. More amazingly, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Furthermore, a pram bag will be your best friend in the Gate Check procedure as well. So, we always suggest buying a pushchair bag; thereby, your life will be easy at the airport.

Here, we have chosen the top 3 best stroller bags for traveling. You can check how these bags are helpful for parents while traveling.

i- J.L. Childress Stroller Travel Bag for Single and Double Strollers

The only factor you need to take care of while buying a stroller travel bag is its size. Yes, various manufacturers are tailoring travel bags for specific models. So, don’t get dodged because of size. Here, we come with a J.L stroller bag that is compatible with most strollers, no matter whether the pram is either single or double.

The bag is innovatively designed so that it can easily accommodate a big as well as a compact stroller in it. However,  please check the given dimensions of your double travel pushchair before buying this bag. The bag’s dimensions are 42 x 21 x 13 inches (L x W x H).

Water-resistant, durable material protects your pram from scratches and dirt. The under-reviewed bag, in addition, is easy to wash and clean. A detachable shoulder strap and padded handle will assist you in carrying it at the airport. You can check the price by clicking the button below.

ii- Zohzo Stroller Travel Bag for Standard pram:

Another universal-sized stroller travel bag is here to be reviewed. The water-resistant and durable material of the bag makes it easy to wash. Moreover, the fabric is stain resistant as well.

The wide opening zips of the bag make the loading breeze. A comfortable padded shoulder strap facilitates you to transport the stroller from A to B point. Shockingly, the bag is extremely lightweight. The bag’s dimensions are 10 x 3 x 10 inches (L x W x H). You can check the price by clicking the button below

iii- UPPAbaby CRUZ Travel Bag with TravelSafe

Before introducing any feature of this travel stroller bag, let me clarify that this bag is made for some specific CRUZ strollers models. So, if you have the Uppababy Cruz model 2019, you can buy this bag.

The material and built quality are up to par. Moreover, a detachable shoulder strap, padded handle, and exposed stroller wheel for easy rolling are the features that make this bag desirable.

Note: This UPPAbaby Cruz bag shares a relatively high price tag. Check the price by clicking the button below.

3- Remove Accessories:

After reading the above-mentioned stroller bags’ reviews, it’s time to share a noteworthy tip to protect your stroller when flying. Imagine you have lost a cup holder or a blanket just because you forgot to remove them before the gate check.

In short, removing all the accessories and attached items from strollers reduces the chances of being lost or damaged. So, it is always advised to remove all the delicate items from your stroller before boarding.

4- Follow the Airline policies:

Last but not least tip is here to follow all the policies. It doesn’t look easy to read the Airline policies before flying. But spending five minutes reading the police of an airline before traveling with a stroller is better than getting a broken pram on disembarking.

So, read all the dos and donts before traveling first time on an airline.


This section will try to answer your queries about traveling with a stroller for the first time. So, read all the questions and answers and clear your mind before flying.


It is the frequently asked question by parents about the security check of a stroller. Well, the answer to this question depends on the size of your strollers as well as the Airline’s policy in which you intend to fly.

A compact folded stroller may be checked through an X-ray machine. What if it doesn’t get fit in the machine owing to its large size? Think…

Don’t worry; you can travel with large-sized double travel stroller as well; however, the stroller will be inspected manually by airport security staff.


It makes your life just a breeze when you are allowed to bring a stroller on the plane (when you are traveling with an infant). Nevertheless, you need to check the airline policy about getting a stroller or car seat on the plane.

Here, it should be crystal clear (that airlines that allow bringing strollers on the plane) accept only compact strollers on board. So, if you want to get a pram on the plane, make sure that the stroller is compact and can be adjusted easily.

Again, check the policy before bringing a stroller on the plane.

Do the airline charge for strollers?

In the USA, most airlines don’t charge for a stroller. According to the major airline services in the USA like Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines, you need not pay extra charges for a car seat or stroller.

On the other hand, various airlines might get charged a small amount of money for strollers.

Is Airline responsible for broken strollers?

Here is good news for you. Despite following all the given instructions, you receive a broken stroller on disembarking at the airport; airlines are responsible for broken strollers. According to the US Government, airlines should compensate. However, we recommend to recheck the airline policy.

What size of stroller can I take on a plane?

The rules and regulations about taking a stroller on a plane vary among airlines in the USA. However, one practice is common; the stroller must be compact and lightweight. For example, American Airlines allows you to bring a stroller not heavier than 9kgs.

On the other hand, Air Canada permits you to take a collapsed stroller with the maximum dimensions of 10 x 36in (W x L).

So, policies about strollers and car seats vary among different airlines in the USA; that’s why it is highly recommended to check policies in detail.


By reading all the tips and FAQs above, it would have cleared that flying with a stroller is as tricky as it portrays by many. In fact, traveling with a stroller is a simple procedure as you travel with your other luggage.

However, if you have any further questions, please do ask in the comment section, and our experts will try to answer. Thank you, stay blessed.

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