Different Types of Strollers by Age 2024 (A Detailed Analysis)

Becoming a mom for the first time could be more daunting than anything else. You will have to face different challenges as a mom. Where there are dozens of other obstacles you will have to handle being a mom, choosing your first baby stroller is no less than a catch-22. The market is overloaded with different types of strollers, and it may make your head spin whenever you try to choose the perfect one.

Therefore, we, here, come up with a solution. Yes, we have listed different types of strollers by age; you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Different Types of Strollers by Age 2024:

For parents, sometimes, purchasing a stroller is clear as mud. Parents may get their wires crossed when they listen to different types of prams like; full-size, travel system, double or single, Tandem, side-by-side, convertible, or pushchair frame. Additionally, all these push chairs are not suitable for everyone. So, you need to be vigilant enough while buying a stroller.

Ask the following questions:

Before purchasing a stroller, you need to ask the following questions to be clear about your needs. For example,

  • What is the age of the baby?
  • For how many kids (single or double?)
  • Do you want to buy a stroller?
  • Weight of the baby?
  • Should I buy a stroller for traveling or jogging?
  • You will give a ride to your baby in the stroller on what terrain. What is my budget?

Having answered all the questions mentioned above, you can go ahead with purchasing the perfect pram. Here, we are starting with the first type of pushchair;

1- Full-Size Stroller:

The stroller’s name depicts that this kind of pram is meant to be large, bigger, and heavier. Moreover, full-sized pushchairs are true blue, suitable for growing families. Moreover, the mentioned stroller is considered ideal for toddlers.

So, if you have a toddler aging from 2 to 3 years, a full-sized pushchair is the only perfect option to buy.

There are several negative sides of this pram that need to know before purchase. For example, a full-sized stroller takes extra space to roll through and store. Moreover, these strollers are relatively heavier, making it difficult to travel and transport from A to B points.

Furthermore, the mentioned prams are pricier because of the high-quality material.

2- Travel system stroller:

Travel System Strollers are designed to be lightweight, compact, and foldable; thereby, these strollers can be carried from one place to another.

A travel pram is too compact when folded and can be checked through an X-ray machine at the airport for security purposes. A handle or shoulder strap is tailored to the travel stroller for easy transportation for added comfort.

Furthermore, the Travel system pram is a multi-functional stroller and can be used for infants and toddlers as well. A car seat or bassinet seat can be adjusted with an adapter.

Travel strollers are made of lightweight yet durable material when it comes to quality. Similar to any other standard-size pram, a travel pushchair comes with all the safety features.

According to parents, travel strollers are not suitable for kids more than 3 years because of their compact size.

3- Double stroller:

Another common type of pram is a double or triple stroller. As the name shows, this stroller is perfect for parents having twins or two little ones.

If you have a toddler and an infant, this double stroller can be perfect. Double strollers are wider and heavier than single ones. More amazingly, a double pram offers you more space to store babies’ items like diapers.

The seats of double strollers can be adjusted to mother-faced and front-faced as per your desire. For growing families, it can be the best choice for all.

On the downside, it takes more space to store and roll. Furthermore, it is heavier and not considered suitable for traveling.

4- Tandem style (In-Line):

A tandem-style stroller is one type of double pram coupled with several benefits. For instance, an In-line or Tandem stroller is compact and can be rolled through a standard-sized door. More amazingly, the tandem-style pram offers you more options to adjust seats according to your ease. For example, you can adjust the seat parents’ face or front face.

Furthermore, the Tandem pram comes with a car seat adapter that makes it equally suitable for infants as well. A Tandem style pushchair can be used as a single as well as a double pram.

In other words, we can say that an in-line pram grows with a growing family.

The only negative side of an in-line stroller is that it won’t be a suitable choice for jogging-lover parents. Sometimes, it would be too hard to push a Tandem pushchair when a healthy kid is seated in the front seat.

5- Side-by-Side Stroller:

The other type of double pram is side by side stroller. The maneuverability of a side-by-side pram is relatively more manageable than a tandem pram. Moreover, a side-by-side stroller provides more space to store different baby items like diapers, blankets, and so on.

Like Tandem strollers, a side-by-side pram comes with a car seat and bassinet seat adapter that make it equally suitable for toddlers and infants. The reversible seat option is another feature that attracts parents.

The only negative side is its wider size.

6- Jogging Prams:

The mentioned type of prams is specially optimized for jogging-lovers parents. In fact, there is a slight difference between jogging strollers and other regular strollers.

Generally speaking, jogging strollers are equipped with 3 wheels (one front and two rare wheels of strollers). While other types of strollers come with 4 wheels (two front and two rare tires). However, it isn’t a rule of thumb that a jogging pram always comes with three tires. A four-wheel pram could also be optimized for your exercise on the ground.

In a single line, we can say that a pram with effortless driving (push) and a flawless front wheel swivel optimized for jogging can be your perfect choice.

Moreover, compact size, lightweight, and shock-free are the added features that make a jogging stroller a perfect one.

7- Convertible Stroller:

Whether you have one baby or two, a convertible stroller is made to meet your demands. Convertible strollers are innovatively designed; thereby, it can be used as a single pushchair or double pushchair (when you have two kids).

The innovative design allows you to vary the width of the pushchair. It can be narrowed when you need to use the pram as a mono. However, it can be expanded when sitting two kids in the pushchair.

The only dark side of the convertible pram is its high price. Yes, convertible strollers share a relatively higher price tag than their counterparts.

8- Stroller Frame:

If you have an infant, a pram frame might not be less than a boon for you. For infants, a stroller frame is designed that can easily adjust a car seat in it.

It is only a metal frame that is compatible with different size car seats. The frame can be folded into a compact size whenever you need to use a car seat only. It is only suitable for 1 to 6 months babies.


After knowing the difference between different strollers by age, we hope you are able to purchase the right one. Additionally, we hope you have a clear mind about the classification of prams. However, if you have any other questions in mind, please do ask in the comment section; our experts will try to answer your query. Furthermore, share your experience and tell other parents which type of pram is perfect for you. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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