Why are Strollers so Expensive? [07 Reasons Explained]

Before welcoming our first child, I was worried about the hiked prices of every baby item. However, it made my head spin when I checked the price tags of different strollers. Then my husband empathized with me and said, cheap items can only be the most expensive products in the world and one can’t be too rich to buy cheap products. I always thank God for having such a husband in my life. You may also think that why are strollers so expensive? Here, I will try to clear the air by explaining different reasons for sharing such high price tags. Let’s dive into it;

Top 07 Reasons for High Price Tags of Strollers:

There might be the following 07 reasons for the high prices of prams. By reading the following reasons, you may find the answer to the question, is it worth buying a stroller?

Quality Material:

When it comes to kids, no one wants to compromise on quality. Different governmental organizations and checks and balances also force a manufacturer to use quality materials while manufacturing a pram for kids.

Thereby, the use of quality material results in high prices and makes a pram expensive product.

A stroller frame is made of high-quality metal while a stroller seat is designed to deliver ultimate comfort to the little rider. In addition, stroller wheels are also manufactured with high-quality material with a super brake system for enhanced safety. All of the mentioned quality material makes the pram expensive to buy.


I think not a single mom wants to buy a source of fright by investing less in low-quality strollers. Safety is the top priority for every parent.

So, manufacturers have to take different steps to ensure kids’ safety. For example, a stroller seat is equipped with a five-point harness with well-padded straps.

To protect the little one from harmful UV rays, an extendable canopy is also tailored to the seat. A stroller is also customized with a hand and foot-operated brake system, suspension system, and front wheel lock system to ensure safety.

High Demand:

It is an admitted fact that there are dozens of stroller brands in the market with hundreds of stroller designs and types.

Where there is an excessive supply of prams in the market, demand is also high. A mom knows the importance of a stroller. She knows how easier can be the life after having a stroller in her life.

So, we can say that because of the high demand, strollers’ prices are high.

Increasing Features:

Over time, parents are seeking advanced features in baby gear and a stroller gets no exception in it. With the increasing features in a pram, the price is also skyrocketing.

For example, nowadays, a regular stroller has an extended canopy, a well-padded reclining seat, a harness system, a padded telescopic handle, brake and suspension systems, foldable, and lightweight.

All these mentioned features make a stroller expensive.

Professional Manufacturing:

A pram demands professionalism in its manufacturing. It is the only premium ride for kids. Because of its complex and professional manufacturing, the price goes high.

The foldable frame, stroller wheels, and comfy seat are engineered in a professional way which skyrockets the price of a stroller.

Brand Popularity:

Various pram brands are known for their quality and comfort; thereby, parents always prefer to buy a pram from their desired brands.

Because of the high demand for various specific brands, strollers from those brands may burn a hole in your pocket.

World Inflation:

Lastly, we should know nothing is inexpensive in this world. Prices of consumer goods are touching the sky. With high inflation rates, strollers are becoming expensive day by day.

So, we can say that world inflation is also one of the reasons for the high prices of strollers.


By reading all the reasons mentioned above, you now have an answer to the question of why are strollers so expensive. Moreover, there is also a common rule that quality products are always expensive. However, if you have any related queries, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you, Stay Blessed.

Karen Christine

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