Can you Jog with a Regular Stroller in 2024?

If you are a regular runner and want to spend your time with your baby, a jogging stroller offers you the best available option. You can spend your time with your baby while jogging in a park. In fact, jogging strollers are optimized in such a way that your jogging routine doesn’t disturb you after having your baby. Sometimes, parents with active lifestyles mistakenly buy a formal stroller for their kids. You may also ask this question to the manufacturer or other experts can you jog with a regular stroller?

So, if you are also in search of answers to this question, keep reading; you are just 2 minutes away from your answer.

Can you jog with a regular stroller?

The answer to this question is, yes you can but you shouldn’t.

Yes, you can jog with a formal stroller but there are several drawbacks which will be discussed below.

Moreover, you will find a way to run with a regular pram by mitigating the risk factors.

Why you shouldn’t Jog with a Regular Stroller?

There are several disadvantages of jogging with a regular pram which might restrain you from jogging with this type of pram. Let’s have a look that which type of potential threats you may face while jogging with formal kids’ pushchairs.


While purchasing a stroller, safety must be a priority for parents. When you run with a formal stroller, you may have to compromise on safety. It doesn’t mean that formal strollers aren’t safe to use. It means that regular strollers are designed to stroll on smooth surfaces for regular use. On rough terrains with hard pushing, a formal stroller isn’t considered the safest option for kids.

On the flip side, jogging strollers are optimized with large wheels and a suspension system that tend to absorb shock on rough terrains.

Moreover, jogging strollers are equipped with a front-wheel lock system, 5 point harness, better cushioning, and a wrist grip strap. With all these mentioned features, you may have a sense of safety while jogging.

Stroller’s Short Lifecycle:

Regular strollers are meant to use in shopping malls, smooth roads, and sheeny surfaces in a home. Nonetheless, when you start using a stroller on rough terrain while jogging, it will result in a reduced lifecycle of the stroller.

After a few jogging visits in a park (on rough terrains), you may start hearing the squeaking and irritating sounds from a stroller. So, we can say that use of a formal stroller as a jogging stroller may make them less durable.

Hard to Push:

As it was cleared before that regular strollers can be used while jogging but these shouldn’t be used. Regular prams demand sweaty efforts to push them on rough terrains.

Because of small wheels, regular prams are likely to jam in jumps which make it hard to push.

Not Comfortable:

When you use a formal stroller for jogging, it won’t be a comfy choice for the rider and pusher. For a pusher, a regular stroller absorbs more energy to stroll.

On the other hand, regular prams are less likely to absorb jump on uneven surfaces while jogging which results in annoyance and disturbance for the rider.

How you can Jog with a Regular Stroller:

As it is described earlier that regular pram can be used as a jogging pram but it shouldn’t be used as a jogging stroller.

Here, I come up with a solution to use a regular pram for jogging by optimizing several factors mentioned below.

Jog on Smooth Surface:

On jogging treks and uneven surfaces, regular prams aren’t a wise choice. However, you can use a regular pram while jogging on smooth roads.

On smooth roads, the small wheels of the stroller can be strolled easily.

Lock the Front Wheels:

Aside from jogging on smooth roads with a regular surface, make sure that the front wheels of your regular pram can be locked.

By locking the front wheels on smooth roads, you can jog with a formal stroller.

Suspension and Air-Filled Wheels:

If your regular pram is equipped with suspension and air-filled wheels, it can be strolled on smooth roads while jogging.

So, check whether your pram has a suspension system and air-filled wheels or not.


With the above discussion, you have an idea what can be the risks of using a regular pram as a jogging stroller. Moreover, I have tried to explain that if you really want to use your regular pram for jogging, use the instructions mentioned above. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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