What types of stroller wheels are best in 2024? 

Whether you plan to invest in a car or a stroller, wheels are important to consider. A pram with squeaking heavy wheels can make your life harder by not letting your baby a tranquil sleep on rough terrains. Therefore, knowing about different types of stroller wheels and which type will suit you the most is essential.

In the following discussion, we will try to get you covered with different types (based on the material used in wheels) of stroller tires, making it easier to choose perfectly matched pram wheels. Let’s get started;

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Different Types of Stroller Wheels in 2024:

We have categorized stroller wheels into 3 different kinds based on the material used to make them up. Here are the following three main kinds of pram tires;

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i- Air-filled Pneumatic Wheels:

When purchasing a stroller, air-filled or pneumatic wheels are the most popular ones among parents. And there are obvious reasons to be popular, e.g., air-filled pneumatic wheels tend to deliver a comfier and shock-resistant ride to little ones on rough terrain. Hence, a pram with large air-filled tires can be the perfect choice if you are looking for all-terrain pram wheels.

Moreover, the surface grip of pneumatic tires is also exemplary.

The only drawback worth mentioning here is the maintenance cost of pneumatic tires. Air-filled tires are more prone to getting punctured often, and you must refill air occasionally.

Note: Normally, air-filled pram tires are the same as bike wheels.

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For whom Air-Filled wheels Stroller perfect?

Since air-filled tires can be used on rough and smooth surfaces, these are all-terrain wheels. So, for parents who want a stroller to jog with, it can be the best-suited choice for them.

ii- Foam-Filled Wheels:

There is little difference when we compare the comfort level of air-filled and foam-filled wheels. Similar to pneumatic tires, foam-filled tires also manage to deliver a shock-absorbent ride to the little rider.

Conversely, foam-filled wheels demand less maintenance because of no fear of getting punctured.

The only drawback of the foam-filled tire is the heavyweight. Heavyweight tires make the Stroller heavier, which requires strenuous efforts to push. Moreover, a heavier pram is to transport from one place to another.

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For Whom Foam Filled Tires Stroller is best?

For those moms, who use pram daily, a stroller with foam filled tires can be the best choice.

iii- EVA Wheel (Hard):

Unlike air-filled wheels, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) wheels are made of synthetic rubber (with no air tube inside), making them hard.

The only plus of this type of wheel is its lightweight and durability. EVA tires can be used for years without any damage.

On the dark side of the picture, EVA wheels are only suitable for smooth surfaces. EVA tires won’t let your baby take a peaceful nap while riding on bumpy roads and rough terrains.

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For Whom EVA tires pram is best?

It can only be suitable for moms who want to stroll the baby on the city’s smooth roads. For jogging and off-roading, you must consider other options.


Having explained different types of stroller wheels, it’s up to you which wheels you will select for your kid. If you have any other related questions (or worth sharing experience), please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay Blessed


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