What are the Best Tandem Double Strollers (Infant & Toddler)

Among different types of strollers, tandem prams might be the best-suited choice for you; if you are a mom of a toddler and a newborn baby. It doesn’t matter whether you need to go for a business trip or grocery shopping; a tandem-style stroller can handle your twins. Here, we bring the reviews of the top 5 best tandem strollers, which are smart like single prams but can carry two little ones simultaneously.

Aside from the top editor choice, you would love to know all the relevant information about the mentioned type of prams. So, let’s get started without any delay.

What is Tandem Stroller?

Being a mom of a toddler and a newborn baby has never been easy. You need to manage dozens of tasks at your home. And if you have to travel with your toddlers, it might be a nightmare. A tandem stroller can make your life while a trip easier.

A Tandem stroller is a double pram that can accommodate two kids simultaneously. However, the seating arrangement in tandem style differs from the side-by-side stroller. Seats in this type of pram are adjusted one behind the other.

Generally, the back seat can be reclined at the desired position. However, the front seat cannot be reclined more than 45 degrees. Hence, it is always advised that the back seat is perfect for infants, while the front is well-suited for toddlers.

So, a tandem pram can be a purchase of the year for parents who have one toddler and one infant. Below, we have a quick comparison of side-by-side and tandem prams, look at the comparison, and decide which one will suit the most.

Tandem Vs. Side-by-Side:

Both types of prams can accommodate two kids at a time. However, both come with different styles. You can check which one is the most suitable option for you.

Tandem Prams:

  1. Tandem stroller, generally, comes with a width similar to a single pushchair
  2. It can be the perfect choice for parents who often travel
  3. Easy maneuverability
  4. Less storage
  5. Tandem pram can be slightly longer than the regular one
  6. Weight carrying capacity is less than the side-by-side strollers
  7. Accommodating only infants can be a little challenging in tandem strollers

Side-by-Side Pram:

  1. It takes too much space to navigate
  2. Can accommodate toddlers as well as infants
  3. Both of your kids can enjoy the scenes equally
  4. Excellent basket storage for babies’ item

Benefits of Tandem

By purchasing a tandem stroller for your babies, you will get the following benefits;

1- Narrower and Smart:

The first benefit you will get from purchasing a tandem-style pram is its narrower size, letting you pass through doorways and alleyways at airports, public places, and at home. The length of the tandem-style stroller is a bit longer than the length of its counterpart; however, the narrow and smart design will make you enjoy it while traveling.

2- Less Expensive:

Imagine you would have to buy two single strollers for your two little ones; it may cost you a fortune. So, a tandem pram offers a better alternative by accommodating both of your little ones without paying a high price. A tandem pram will be less expensive when comparing the cost of two single strollers.

3- Perfect for infants and Toddlers:

Again, tandem prams can be perfect for parents who own one toddler and one infant. Because of seat reclining arrangements, tandem-style strollers can accommodate two kids of 3 years and six months.

Always remember that a tandem stroller won’t be a good choice for parents of twins (infants).

4- Car Seats Compatible:

For parents of twins (infants), various models of tandem strollers come with car seat compatibility. It may cost you high; however, it can adjust both infants simultaneously. Instead of purchasing two strollers for your kids, a tandem stroller with car seat compatibility can be cost-efficient.

Easy Navigation, Perfect for Travelers:

For a mother, who often travels with kids, a tandem pram isn’t less than a blessing. The narrower design and easy and smooth maneuverability make this pram perfect for travel moms. The slim design allows it to pass through airport gateways and security gates.

Top 05 Best Tandem Double Strollers for Infants and Toddlers in 2024

While enlisting the following strollers, we keep the following features in mind; thereby, parents can invest in the right product;

  1. Lightweight
  2. Easy to push and control
  3. Large storage cargo/basket
  4. Smart design
  5. Equipped with all the essential safety features
  6. Sunshade and cup holders
  7. Affordable cost without compromising on quality

Let’s dive into the details of the following selected tandem prams with top-notch traits;

1- Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller


Why This Tandem Traveling Pram?

Do you feel tiresome after pushing a double pram for a few minutes? If so, you need to get rid of that bulky and hard-to-maneuver strollers. Instead, give a shot under reviewed pushchair that won’t consume your energy while maneuvering around.

Well, pushing the Joovy caboose tandem pram is a piece of cake, thanks to its smooth running wheels.

More amazingly, the stroller’s wheels are best-fit for all terrains. A good quality suspension system is installed for added comfort while moving it on uneven and bumpy roads.

Both front and rear seats come with different reclining options, the top reason for grabbing the baby’s attention. The reclining seats make it super easy to take naps while enjoying the outside scenery.

Well-padded seats are equipped with all the safety features, like 5 point harness.

Wait a minute; bench seats and stand-on platforms are also there for a better traveling experience for kids above three years.

We know it is a lightweight stroller; however, it is made of stainless steel sturdy frame that can uphold almost 90 pounds of babies. Storage basket, canopy, and padded handle enhance the overall user experience.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

It goes without saying that easy maneuverability, smart and narrower size, smooth ride, and padded and secure seats check all the boxes for parents of two kids.

However, on the negative side, we have observed that short sized canopy won’t protect the kids from sun rays. Moreover, tall kids can’t fit in either of the seats. Small storage basket and no cup holders are the drawbacks we have just observed.

2-Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller


Why Chicco Bravo Tandem Double Pram?

This smartly designed stroller can simultaneously accommodate your toddlers and infant with space-saving maneuverability.

A mom of three years old kids and a newborn can find a perfect solution to her problems while traveling in Chicco Bravo double tandem pram. The front seat provides all the comfort a baby can love to ride in. For example, it comes with a padded seat with 5 point harness with multiple reclining points. Moreover, it can also be folded to fit a car seat for a newborn baby.

Aside from the front seat, the back bench-type seat comes with a three-point harness which can be perfect for your 2 to 4 years kids. Having folded the seat, the kid stands on the platform for a better view.

The sunshade, attractive yet narrow design, cup holder, east maneuverability, storage basket for kids, and storage pocket for parents’ accessories make this stroller excellent for a mom of two.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

All the features, like unique design, compact folding, great weight carrying capacity, quality material, and durability, are up to the par that parent demand in their kids.

However, the rear-facing seat bench is uncomfortable for the prolonged sitting of a kid. Moreover, the rear-facing seat doesn’t equip with a canopy. Additionally, it would be hard to push when a kid stands on the stand-on platform. 

3- Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 Double Stroller


Why is This Tandem Toddler Traveling Pushchair?

Have you tried several strollers and are fed up with all those kids’ prams? You may have decided not to purchase another kids pushchair.

Double seats offer versatile seating options for kids. The front seat has different reclining options, while the back seat can be adjusted as a bench-sitting platform. More amazingly, the rear seat can be adjusted for kids to sit in with an extended canopy. Removing the back seat allows your toddler to enjoy the ride by standing on it.

Moreover, a sizeable storage basket is easy to access. One-button folding will be a mouthing opening trait for those who always found it hard to fold a pram. Moreover, the smart lock of folded pram will always keep it from opening on its own.

Car seat compatibility will make a newborn baby fall in love with it. While enjoying nature, the baby can take a nap as well.

The cushioned seat, foldable canopy, jump-eating wheels, and user-friendly handle with easy-peasy maneuverability are the spellbinding traits that make this Graco stroller next level.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

All the features mentioned above can be found in this model of Graco, which is required for two kids. This model is sturdy, durable, easy to handle, and has space-savior folding.

On the flip side, we have observed that it isn’t lightweight. Because of its sturdy frame, it weighs high which can make it hard for a mom to push it with two little riders.

4- 2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller


Why Choose the 2018 UPPAbaby Pushchair?

With growing kids and family, you might have invested in different strollers. Most parents complain that they bought one pram that their kids outgrow. After that, they have to purchase a new one. On the other side, with a growing family, one may need another pushchair for the newly born baby.

However, here is the catch!

By purchasing Uppababy Vista Stroller, you need not buy strollers times and again. It can be your lifetime purchase. The best part of an under-reviewed pram is that it is perfect for newborn babies and taller toddlers. Hence, if you have a tall kid who never fits in various small strollers, give a shot at this model of Vista.

More amazingly, it is equally comfortable for your newborn baby.

Uppababy Vista stroller offers unlimited seat positioning options. Whether you want a front-faced baby seat or a pusher-faced seat, it will give you the freedom to have either. Numerous seat reclining options of different notches will be dreamy seat for baby comfort.

Pushing it is like a dream. You can even push it with one finger. Similarly, you can put it together without putting sweating effort at all.

Large storage basket, all-smooth terrain ride, extended canopy, large padded seats, and narrower optimized design can make your mouth watery. There might be no better choice than it for your baby.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

The under-reviewed stroller checks all the boxes which parents are looking for. Easy to push, large weight carrying capacity, and high-quality material for added durability shock us while analyzing this stroller. However, you might have to pay some extra bucks (compared to its counterparts) while purchasing it.  

5- Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System


Why This Tandem Pram for Infants and Toddlers

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular stroller will be a perfect choice for parents looking for some decent options at affordable prices. Yes, it comes with a gray seat made of polyester material, no question about the durability of the seats.

By purchasing this amazing pushchair, you can use it as a single pram or double with a hassle-free transition.

Thanks to its suspension system, that offers a smooth ride to kids. So, let your kids enjoy the environment while riding on it. In addition, the stroller’s wheels are equally perfect for all terrains.

Extended canopies and relined seat options are the added comfort for your kids in case they get tired and want to rest.

Aside from the reclining position, you can adjust the seats on either side; parents-faced or front-faced.

Having folded it, the pram can be adjusted in a small space, which makes it highly suitable for traveler moms.

Extended basket size will help you to store extra baby items.

Final Verdict by our Expert:

While analyzing this stroller, it seems all perfect. Durability, comfort level, maneuvering, and shock-absorbent-ride are the traits of this stroller, which can be a mom’s dream. The only thing that might disappoint you is the small size of the seat. Hence, it is advised if you have a tall baby, don’t go with it.

What to Check Before Buying a Double Tandem-Style Stroller?

For beginner parents, reading a buying guide is too crucial; therefore, they can invest in the right stroller. Sometimes, parents invest in a stroller that doesn’t suit their lifestyle or baby’s size. Therefore, if you want a perfect purchase, the following guide might benefit you.

Stroller Size:

When you are planning for a pram shopping, the stroller’s size is one of the decisive factors for parents. As we know, tandem prams are meant to be narrower and can easily get through doorways and rush areas.

Hence, a tandem-styled pram is made for you if you want a smartly-designed stroller that can accommodate your two kids at a time.

Kids’ Size:

Having purchased a tandem pushchair for kids, most parents, we often observed, complain about the small seats of that one.

Before purchasing a stroller, please remember that tandem prams generally come up with small seats that aren’t suitable for your tall kids. 

Hence, always check the size of pram seats and your kids’ size before buying.

Safety Features:

We know kids’ safety is the priority of parents. Hence, parents always prefer a stroller equipped with more safety traits. While reviewing the strollers mentioned above, we have tried to check the following safety traits in a stroller;

  • 5 point Harness system
  • Well-padded straps and seats
  • Brake system
  • Extended Canopies
  • Suspension system with shock-absorbent wheels
  • Sturdy Frame

Ease of Foldability and Maneuverability:

A foldable pram is expected to be folded by clicking only one button. Parents love a stroller that can be easily folded and takes up small space when not in use. Therefore, it is always advised to check the size of a stroller after folding, whether it can be placed in your car or not (after folding).

Additionally, maneuverability is another feature to consider before buying a pram. You need to check the wheels and design of it for smooth maneuverability. Sometimes, the design of a tandem pushchair can make it difficult to push it when two kids are on a ride.

Parents Lifestyle:

Before purchasing a tandem pram, it is too important to know the parents’ lifestyle. Generally, parents, who often travel, can be perfectly matched with this type of stroller. Apart from traveler parents, if you live in a densely populated area where double side-by-side maneuverability is too difficult, a tandem stroller is for you.

Some Extra Traits:

Aside from the features mentioned above, there are several other traits in a stroller that can make your life easier. E.g., a pram is equipped with wheel suspension, large weight carrying capacity, large basket storage, cup holder, and food tray can be a perfect stroller for parents.

Therefore, it is always advised to check whether the stroller you are going to buy has the extra traits mentioned above or not.

Durability and Price:

The durability of a pram will be a decisive factor. Nowadays, parents are in search of lightweight prams that make them compromise on build quality and durability. Most of the time, the frame of a lightweight stroller isn’t sturdy and durable, which might be deal-breaking.

Therefore, it is always advised to check for a stroller that is lightweight with a sturdy and durable frame.

Having analyzed all the attributes mentioned above, it’s time to compare the price tags of all the given options. Compare all the given qualities, compare the price, and decide which will suit you better.


The information above will help you choose the best tandem double stroller for infants and toddlers. We have tried our best to explain the nitty gritty; thereby, you can decide which stroller will meet your demands. If you have any other questions about strollers, please do ask in the comment section, and our experts will try to answer your queries. Thank you. Stay Blessed


Who Needs a Double Stroller?

Double strollers are getting popular nowadays. Double prams have certain advantages over single strollers. For example, you can get a double pram at a relatively low cost than two single prams. The following parents would love to get a double stroller;

  1. If you have two kids who are close in age and love to ride in a stroller
  2. If you have one kid and 2nd one is on the way
  3. A double stroller can be for you if you have twins.

Should I Get a Double Stroller with a 4 Year Old?

According to the observations, four years old kids are not advised to get a ride in the pushchair. Strollers are made for three years old kids, according to manufacturers. In fact, the weight-carrying capacity of a pram is 40 to 45 pounds, which doesn’t match the weight of a four-year-old kid.

Moreover, the stroller’s seat is too small to adjust for a four-year kid because of height.

Therefore, it isn’t wise to buy a double stroller if you have a four-year-old kid with a newborn one.

Can You Put a Newborn in a Double Stroller?

Generally, double strollers come up with two seats (one with a fully reclined option and the other with 3 to 4 reclining positions). Therefore, a stroller with a fully reclined seat can also accommodate a newborn baby.

Moreover, various double strollers are compatible with car seats, making them suitable for newborn babies.

Can You Use a Double Stroller at the Airport?

Yes, you can use a double stroller at the airport. However, because of its width, you may face problems with the side-by-side double stroller while rolling it through security gates.

On the other hand, a tandem double stroller is to navigate at the airport. So, if you plan to travel often with your two little ones, tandem style pram can be perfect for you.

Do Airlines Check Strollers for Free?

In most cases, checking strollers and other baby items at airports is free. However, the policy about strollers varies from airline to airline. Hence, checking the airline’s policy about baby items is always advised before traveling.


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