How Many Strollers do i Need in 2024? [Detailed Analysis]


Have you ever felt that your baby’s jogging stroller is a misfit for regular use; like the marketplace? Or do you get irritated while pushing a small wheel stroller on rough terrain? In short, parents are forced to think that there should be different strollers for different situations. In such situations, the question, how many strollers do I need, comes to our minds.

Here, we will try to answer the mentioned question. And believe us, buying every type of stroller is meant to burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, we need an optimised approach to get an answer to this question.

If you are among those confused parents who want to get an answer to this puzzle, keep reading. You will get an optimised solution to the problem which is recommended by hundreds of mothers who use strollers.

Factors on which you decide how many strollers you should buy?

Before getting jumped on the way out, we will have to consider the basic factors for which we need different strollers in our lives. After analysing all those factors, you will be able to know which stroller can meet your demands. Let’s have a look at those factors first;

Family Size:

For the first time, purchasing a stroller is a low-hanging fruit and you need not think too much about that. Many parents go and purchase the best available options for their first baby. However, the situation gets worse when the 2nd baby is on the way. This time, you need to buy another stroller just because of a lack of planning.

You will be entangled more with the increasing number of kids with time.

Therefore, it is always advised to purchase a stroller after considering family planning. For example, you can save money, time, and space by purchasing a regular double stroller, if you plan to have two babies in the future.

Baby’s Age and difference between Ages of two:

Another factor that can be overlooked is the baby’s age. The market is loaded with different prams for different age groups. Obviously, you can’t buy a new stroller after every six months with a growing kid. It’s not only an expensive option, but it will also make your home full of strollers. And you, definitely, haven’t enough space to store all those. Therefore, it isn’t wise to have a number of prams for different age groups, when you already know that all these will become useless after a couple of years.

The other factor is the age gap between your kids. Always try to purchase a stroller that can be used by your second kid also.


Parents’ lifestyles will also influence the decision of purchasing a stroller. For example, parents with active lifestyles will definitely go for a 3-wheel jogging stroller. However, it will be hard to stroll that bulky jogging stroller in the market for regular use.

On the other hand, travel lovers’ parents need lightweight and compact strollers. Hence, before purchasing a pram, always think about your lifestyle. If you are a regular traveller then a lightweight travel stroller is a must-have for you.


Having more than one stroller will be influenced by your budget. In fact, allocating your budget for purchasing a stroller can be a decisive factor. Therefore, it is essential to consider the cost of having one or more strollers for your kids.

Car Seat Compatibility:

A car seat-compatible stroller can be a more suitable option for parents if they want to reduce their estimated investment in strollers.

A car seat-compatible pram prevents you from buying different strollers with the varying age of your kid. For example, a stroller with car seat compatibility can be the perfect choice for an infant. Moreover, by removing the car seat, it can be best matched for toddlers as well.


Experts’ Opinion on having a Total Number of Strollers:

After having interviewed moms (Travelers, job holders, active lifestyle), we have concluded that a minimum of two strollers can meet your daily routine needs.

  • All Terrain Jogging Stroller
  • Double Convertible Stroller

Let’s have a look at how these above-mentioned prams can be beneficial for you.

All Terrain Jogging Stroller:

An all-terrain jogging stroller can be a perfect choice for active parents. So, if you are going jogging, or hiking a three wheel all-terrain stroller can meet your needs.

Moreover, the large air-filled wheels of all-terrain prams help you to stroll your kid on rough terrains likes; cobbled streets, beaches, and off-road.

Here, you need to keep in mind that jogging strollers are bulkier than regular ones (because of the large wheels and suspension system). Hence, it is not recommended for travellers.

Double Convertible Regular Stroller:

A double convertible stroller can be a boon for parents who have only one kid yet; however, they have a plan for a second.

A double convertible pram tends to grow with your growing family. Moreover, its optimised design will allow you to navigate it in the market and other rush areas (for regular use).

Here, it is essential to tell you that a Tandem stroller (convertible) is more desirable for moms as compared to a side-by-side double stroller; thanks to the compact size of the tandem-style pram.

Hence, by keeping an all-terrain jogging stroller and a convertible regular stroller, you can meet the demands of daily life.

Pros and Cons of having more Than One Stroller

It is an admitted fact that every coin has two sides. For a comprehensive analysis, we need to check both sides of the picture. As we have recommended having at least two strollers for your kids; now we are here to give you the complete analysis of having more than one stroller. Let’s have a look at all the possible pros and cons.

Advantages of having more than one stroller

By having more than one stroller, you can have the following advantages;

Versatility and Adaptability

Having more than one stroller offers you versatile and adaptable options. You can choose a lightweight and compact stroller for travelling. Moreover, a jogging stroller allows you to navigate on rough terrain without getting disturbed the rider.

Moreover, buying more than one stroller permits you to choose different strollers for different kinds of varying ages.

Easier and Comfier Life

Having a stroller for every given situation provides ultimate comfort and convenience to the pusher and the rider. So, we can say that having more than one stroller for different situations makes your life easier and comfier.

Dark Sides of Having more than one strollers

On the dark side, you may have the following disadvantages;

High Cost

It is crystal clear that purchasing more than one stroller will burn a hole in your pocket. Where you will have to pay for different strollers. After a couple of years, there will be no use for these strollers as well.

Hence, the very first downside of having more than one stroller is its high cost.

Space Issues

Another limitation of having more than one stroller is space and storage-related problems. Stroller can be folded and stored when not in use. However, it takes substantial space to store strollers. Hence, you should also think about the storage space before buying another pram.


We hope now you have an answer to the question of how many strollers you need. We have covered almost all the factors which may affect your decision about buying more than one stroller. Furthermore, our optimised solution to the mentioned confusion can help you to enjoy stroller rides by investing less. If you get satisfactory results by following the instructions mentioned above, please give us feedback in the comment section.

Additionally, you can ask more related questions in the comment sections. We have a team of experts to answer your queries. Thank you. Stay Blessed.

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