What are Stroller Alternatives for Toddlers of 2024?

We know a stroller is one of the best available facilities for parents. However, sometimes stroller gets tedious for parents and kids for several reasons, namely large size and heavy weight. Moreover, riding in the same stroller for years is no more attractive for kids. By keeping these negative sides of a stroller, we come here with the top 08 stroller alternatives for toddlers, fascinating for kids, and comfy (transporting and pushing) for parents.  

With all the following stroller alternatives, your grocery and shopping mall visit will be hassle-free. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the following products.


Top 08 Best Stroller Alternatives for toddlers

At 3, your kid can walk and enjoy your company in theme parks and shopping malls. However, it admits no doubt that walking continuously may make your toddler exhausted. So, here we come up with the following solutions where a clingy toddler can be your best partner to enjoy; it doesn’t matter whether you are in a shopping mall or somewhere hiking.

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1- Stroller boards

When you have a toddler and a newborn baby, the problems get multiplied on the go. Where you will have to manage dozens of baby items for a newborn baby, you will have to take extra care of your energetic toddler that can run hither and thither in no time.

In this situation, you can use a universal ride-on stroller board. The board can be attached to the stroller of your newborn baby. A toddler can easily ride on the board and enjoy every moment while standing on it. Additionally, if a toddler feels tiresome, he/she can hop off the board and start walking.

So, a stroller standing board can be the best choice for moms of a toddler and newborn baby.

Here, we have chosen the following stroller boards for you. Please check.

2- Stroller Sit on boards

The chosen product comes with a bit of variation compared to the above. The above-mentioned ride-on stroller board comes with no sitting option, and your kid has no choice except to stand all the way.

Nevertheless, the under-discussion universal stroller board comes with a seat. Therefore, a kid can enjoy standing on the board, and when he feels tired, he can sit and make whoopee all the time during the journey.

To cut a long story short, a stroller board with a seat offers more freedom to enjoy a kid while outing.

We have researched the best available boards for you if you are willing to buy a stroller board with a seat. You can check and select among the following ones.

3- E-Scooter for kids:

Mini E-Scooters are the new fun for kids. Although toddlers are considered too young to handle mini E-scooters, some variants of E-scooters are specially designed for toddlers.

Various mini scooter models are available in the market specially optimized for toddlers. For instance, toddlers’ mini scooters come with a variable handle height; thereby, it can be adjusted according to the size of toddlers.

Moreover, various models come with a seat; thereby, toddlers enjoy the ride.

Compared to the stroller, mini scooters are compact and lightweight, making it desirable for parents as well. Furthermore, the entrancing scooter designs hold kids’ attention as well.

Therefore, if you are willing to buy an E-scooter for your toddler, we have enlisted the following models, which are perfect for growing children.

4- Kids Wagons:

In case you are tied to your bulky double stroller that is too hard to push, a foldable wagon can be a survivor for you. A foldable wagon’s weight carrying capacity is way more than a stroller. On the contrary, the weight of a foldable wagon is too lighter than a double stroller.

Moreover, a foldable wagon is an excellent choice for kids if they want to play with their toys while riding. Some of the wagon models come with a canopy for added comfort.

Aside from its lightweight feature, a foldable wagon might not be a wise choice for parents. It takes more space to roll over.

Here, we have enlisted the following foldable wagons, which are durable and lightweight.

5- Trikes:

A trike is an innovative combination of a bicycle and stroller. When your kid is not ready to sit in a wagon or stroller, Trike might be the best choice.

A trike is the best choice for a toddler who wants to learn how to paddle a cycle. With auto-balancing, your kid can learn how to paddle quickly. Moreover, you can also help the kid in his learning by pushing the Trike with a handle.

Pushing a Trike with one hand is hard. Aside from mentioned negative side, Trike is lightweight and compact.

If you want to buy a Trike, we have enlisted the following Trikes for you. Please check and make your purchasing awesome.

6- Toddler carries:

Carriers are pretty popular with babies ages three months to 1-year-old. However, large-size carriers are sometimes preferred by parents.

If your kid is clingy enough and won’t let you work and walk freely, buying a toddler carrier might be the perfect decision. A toddler carrier can be the ideal choice for parents who often go outside for shopping and other routine work.

Unlike strollers, carriers are easy to carry anywhere. Moreover, a baby carrier will let you work freely.

Before purchasing a baby carrier, it would be right to share that numerous parents complain about shoulder and back pain after using a baby carrier.

If you want to buy a carrier for a toddler, please check the following.

7- Backpack Carriers:

If you are among those parents who love hiking and traveling, backpack carriers might be your year’s purchase. Aside from carrying a baby all along the journey in a backpack carrier, you can pack your luggage in it.

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The backpack carriers are well padded, which offers ultimate comfort.

Before buying a backpack carrier, it is pertinent to clarify that you may suffer from backache and shoulder pain using a backpack carrier. So, if you think you are strong enough to carry your kid and luggage on your back, a backpack carrier will be yours.

If you want a backpack carrier, please check out the following selected backpack carriers.

8- Baby Cycles:

We know it is too early to suggest a cycle as a stroller alternative for a toddler. However, according to experts, several toddlers are energetic enough to learn cycling at earlier ages.

So, if you also think your kid is perfect for a cycle, it will be the ideal alternative to a stroller.

The market is loaded with different cycle sizes, which can be perfect for 3 to 4 years old kids. You can buy a cycle with balancing wheels, considered ideal for beginners.

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Please check the following hand-picked cycles if you want to buy a bicycle.


Having read all the above-mentioned stroller alternatives, we think there is no need to stick with only one option, strollers. The market is loaded with various fascinating, comfier, and more durable options than strollers; therefore, you can use one of these options. We hope the mentioned alternatives are enough to steal your heart; however, if you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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