Side by Side Vs. Tandem Double Stroller (Pros and Cons 2024)

What else could be more exciting than having news of being a mom for the first time? And what if, expecting twins for the first time? Excitement gets multiplied, of course. Nevertheless, more stress, anxiety, and twins tackling challenges might also be the by-products of all that excitement. Among different challenges, I am here to discuss a conundrum that, often, makes the head spin of new parents that is, side by side vs. tandem double stroller.

Whether you are to welcome twins or have a toddler in your life and planning for a second one, a double stroller can be a need of the hour. Therefore, I am here to clear the confusion by describing the different features of the mentioned types of strollers.

Side by Side Vs. Tandem Double Stroller:

It would be a hard nut to crack to choose a stroller when you have hundreds of brands and dozens of types. Each stroller brand claims to be the best in life. And deciding which type of stroller you should buy as per your demands can be a puzzle to solve. Here, I have come up with two major types of double strollers with pros and cons;

Advantages of Tandem Double Strollers:

There are the following benefits of having a tandem double stroller.

Narrower Width: The very first benefit that a pusher loves to use is the width of a tandem stroller that is nearly equal to a single stroller. It means one can accommodate two kids in the width of a single stroller. Because of its narrow width, it is easier to maneuver in tight areas as well.

Small Space to Store: Tandem takes up small space to maneuver and store. Therefore, a tandem stroller is considered one of the best choices for traveler parents as it can be transported from A to B easily. Moreover, you can store it in a car trunk, thanks to its compact folding.

Multiple Configurations: Tandem style prams allow parents to configure seats into multiple positions. With various tandem prams, you can use a bassinet, or car seat, front-face, and parent-face options.

Convertible Stroller: Thanks to the manufacturers’ innovative and unique design of tandems, which tend to grow with growing families. Several tandem prams are managed to convert from single to double (and vice versa) when it is needed.

Perfect for Travelers: Only a traveler knows the true value of compact and lightweight products in his life. For travelers, and parents of two, a tandem pram can be a boon because of its compact design and smooth maneuverability while going outside.

Perfect for Active Lifestyle Parents: If you have two kids with an active lifestyle, a tandem pram can be for you. With tandem prams (large stroller wheels), a pusher can easily jog.

Disadvantages of Tandem Prams:

Opposite to several pros of tandems, there are dark sides of having a tandem as well. Allow me to throw light on the negative side of tandem.

Not good for Twins: An in-line pram can be the perfect choice for parents having a toddler and a newborn. However, for twins, it might not be the perfect match. Out of two, one seat of the tandem pram isn’t supposed to be fully reclined which makes it hard to accommodate a newborn.

Less Storage: Where compact and narrower seat design offers easy maneuverability in tight space. On the opposite side, the tandem has a small storage basket for rider and pusher items.

Less Weight Carrying Capacity: The weight carrying capacity of an in-line stroller is supposed to be less than its counterparts. In fact, a big kid sitting in the front seat of a stroller makes it hard to push.

Longer: It admits of no doubt that tandems are meant to be narrower. On the other hand, tandems are designed slightly longer than their counterparts (other double strollers).

Advantages of Side by Side Strollers:

Like Tandems, numerous moms prefer side-by-side strollers for their kids. Here are the several benefits of side-by-side prams;

Accommodate Big Kids: Unlike tandems, side-by-side prams can accommodate big kids as well as newborns, thanks to their fully reclined well-padded seats.

Spacious Storage Basket: With a side-by-side pram, you can store dozens of items in its storage basket. Moreover, you can use it as a grocery cart while having one baby in it.

High Weight-carrying Capacity: Opposite to tandems, side-by-side prams are supposed to accommodate big kids without getting worried about the weight of riders. In fact, weight distributes well in side-by-side prams and the pusher can easily push the stroller.

Equality: In side by side, both of the kids (riders) have equal opportunity to explore the world while on the go. Moreover, various strollers come with the option of front-facing and parent-facing.

Disadvantages of Side-by-Side Prams:

There are several disadvantages which might various parents don’t like. Let’s have a look at those dark sides;

Wider: Unlike tandems, side-by-side double prams are wider and demand larger space to maneuver. In tight spaces, it is really hard to navigate it.

Ample Space: Aside from taking large space to navigate, this type of double stroller takes more space store.

Not Good for Traveler: Because of their bulkier and larger size, side-by-side strollers are not considered portable and are difficult to transport.


By reading both sides of both types of double strollers, it might be clear which one will suit the most. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


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