Which Way Should The Baby Face in a Stroller in 2024?

With different queries about strollers and babies, here we come up with another one: which way should the baby face in a stroller? The answer to this question is quite subjective in nature and demands a detailed answer. As we know, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and we need different approaches to tackle the question.

First, we will try to explore the factors on which the baby’s facing direction in a stroller depends. After that, we will try to uncover the different benefits of both ways of the baby sitting in a stroller: parent-facing and front-facing. So, let’s get started.

Decisive Factors of Baby Facing in a Stroller:

Before explaining anything else, it is essential to know the factors that may impact the answer to the given question. Let’s first discuss the various decisive factors.

Baby Age:

To know the answer about the baby’s facing direction in a stroller, the baby’s age might be the most important factor. According to experts and parents, newborn babies (up to the age of 6 months) need more attention from parents. Therefore, it is essential to keep the baby’s face in the direction of parent-facing in the stroller.

After the age of 6 months, when a baby starts supporting their head on their own, you can change from parent-facing to front-facing.

Parents Decision:

Aside from the baby’s age, the answer to the given question varies from parent to parent. And it isn’t a rule of thumb to keep your baby parent-facing in a pram for up to 6 months. If a baby’s growth is ideal and parents want to keep their baby in a front-facing direction in a stroller, they can.

Baby’s Growth Rate:

Aside from age and parents’ decision, another factor that may affect the baby’s facing direction in a stroller is the baby’s growth rate. Some babies are healthy and become more curious about the world earlier than 6 months.

On the flip side, some kids are not too active and take time in their growth. They start supporting their head after the 8th month of their age. For those kids, it is suitable to keep them parent-facing according to their growth rate

Until what age should you have a parent-facing stroller?

According to experts, a 6-month-old baby (with normal growth) can sit in a front-facing stroller. Aside from age, parents can assess when to ride a baby in a front-facing stroller by observing if the baby starts supporting their head and shows curiosity in observing the world by raising their head.

Benefits of parent face stroller:

Following are the benefits of a stroller with parent-facing seat.

Better Bonding:

We know that infants can’t talk to you, and it might seem awkward to enhance bonding when one isn’t able to communicate. However, according to experts, eye contact between infants and parents helps enhance bonding between them.

So, a parent-facing stroller allows you to build a strong bond with your baby while commuting on roads and enjoying trips.

Comfort and Security:

For infants and newborns, giving extra care is essential, and keeping them in front of their parents’ eyes offers a sense of comfort. Moreover, a parent-facing stroller offers ultimate security by keeping an eye on kids.

Aside from parents’ comfort and security, infants in parent-facing prams also feel secure and reassured knowing that you are nearby.

Enhanced Language Skills:

A mother’s company is the first learning institution for any child, and a parent-facing pushchair allows you to develop better communication and linguistic skills. You can talk, sing, and engage with your baby while walking. By hearing your voice, observing your facial expressions, and recognizing your words, your baby starts learning communication faster.

Naptime Monitoring:

Developing a baby’s naptime routine, one of the biggest challenges for a new mom. With the help of parent-facing pram, you can have a close eye on your baby’s naptime which will help you to develop scheduled naptime in your baby.

Advantages of Forward-facing Stroller:

Similar to parent-facing prams, there are several advantages of strollers with front-facing seats. Let’s have a look at all those advantages of front facing prams which may allure you also.

Better Exploration:

With growing age, your baby will be more curious about their surroundings. They will want to know and observe the beautiful sceneries and people around them while strolling. In this situation, a front-facing stroller helps your baby quench their thirst by sitting in a front-facing seat and observing the world closely.


With a front-facing seat, your kid starts observing a variety of people. The colorful world, varying views, different ethnicities, and changing scenes not only help your kid alleviate boredom but also assist them in becoming a better human in society who respects the views of others.

Enhanced Communication Skills:

There is no doubt that the mother and family are social institutions that help a kid learn social norms. Aside from the family, a kid learns a lot from their environment. By sitting in a front-facing stroller, a kid starts observing facial expressions, gestures, and language of other people during daily strolls, which helps them develop communication skills.


I have tried my best to answer the question, “Which way should the baby face in a stroller?” I hope you now have better insights that will help you decide. For related queries, please keep visiting thebaby.com regularly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section, and we will do our best to provide an answer. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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