How to Keep a Stroller from Sliding in a Trunk in 2024?

Traveling with kids can be a headache for new moms. There are dozens of items that need to be managed while traveling with kids. By managing properly all baby gear, you may get relief from travel stress. However, various baby items need tricky minds to be managed. For instance, traveling with a pram can be a hard nut to crack, unless it is managed properly. Yes, a stroller keeps sliding in the trunk. And a sliding pram in a truck may bring serious consequences to all the riders in the car. Therefore, I come here to jot down several solutions to fix a stroller in a trunk while on the go. Let’s have a look at those solutions;

Potential Threats of Having a Sliding Stroller in a Trunk:

Before jumping on to various viable solutions, let’s have a cursory view of the potential threats of having a sliding stroller in a car trunk while on the go.

  • Car Damage: When you haven’t a fixed pram in the trunk, it may cause damage to your car. Sliding the stroller in the trunk may result in broken window glasses when you apply the sudden brake.
  • Serious Injury: On applying a sudden brake, a sliding stroller may cause severe injuries to the car riders also.
  • Stroller Damage: A pram is a pricey product. If you don’t fix the stroller in a trunk, it may also get damaged.
  • Noise: Sliding stroller is, in fact, a noisy item. A sliding pram generates continuous noise in the car which is enough to spoil your good mood.

Ways to Prevent Stroller from Sliding in a Trunk:

Ways to Prevent Stroller from Sliding in a Trunk

The following methods are too common and you may also know them. However, keep a bird’s eye view on every method and fix the sliding stroller in a car trunk. Let’s have a look at them one by one;

Bungee Cord:

A Bungee cord is one of the most economical methods to keep a pram from sliding in a car trunk. Whether you are in an SUV, truck, or in a car, bungee cord effectively holds a stroller.

Moreover, you need not know any rocket science to use bungee cords for a pushchair. For cars, you can use the car seat’s headrest by vertically standing a pram and wrapping it with the cord.

Binding Straps:

Aside from a bungee cord, various types of straps are used to bind different items. A large variety of straps of available in the market. You can choose any of them. Like a bungee cord, a strap can be useful for holding a stroller in a trunk.

Slip-Resistant Mat:

Slip-resistant mat is another way to hold a stroller in its place. Although it isn’t as effective as a bungee cord and strap, it can be beneficial to travel on smooth roads. Sometimes, there is a high risk of sliding/jumping a pram in a  car trunk when you have to apply brakes suddenly when you use a non-slip mat.

Cargo Net:

The last option to use for pram storage is a cargo net. A cargo net tends to handle a stroller efficiently. The only drawback of a cargo net is its short life cycle. It isn’t as durable as the products as compared to mentioned above.

Precautions to Follow while Traveling with a Stroller:

Aside from keeping a stroller from sliding, there are several precautions to follow to protect a stroller when traveling.

Fold Properly:

Before getting a pram stored/transported, you should make sure that the stroller is properly folded. Sometimes, we don’t fold a pram properly, resultantly, you will get a broken stroller at your destination. So, keep always in mind that it must be folded according to the guideline of the manufacturer.

Lock Front Wheel:

Whether you have a 3-wheel or a 4-wheel pram, make sure that you have locked the front wheels of the stroller before getting it stored.

The stroller front wheel lock system is equally beneficial for getting a pram stored or while jogging.

Can a double stroller be stored in a car trunk?

As we know that double strollers are meant to be larger, heavier, and bulkier. Therefore, it is hard to store a double stroller while traveling.

For this type of situation, you need to be extra vigilant, especially, when you have a small car.

You must measure the dimensions of a double stroller. After that measure the dimensions of available space for storage.


It is an admitted fact that sliding a stroller in a trunk can be dangerous for riders as well as for your car. Therefore, the methods mentioned above can be perfect to store a pram in a car trunk without getting it slipped and jumped. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section, and I will try to answer your queries. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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