Do I Need a Bassinet for my Stroller? [Ups and Downs]

Have you ever thought that a stroller isn’t my thing when you have a baby under 6 months? If so, you are right. Many strollers aren’t designed for newborns and their seats aren’t fully reclined which may damage the spine of the little rider. In this scenario, I used to start thinking do I need a bassinet for my stroller?

After using strollers for years, I found the answer to the above question and bought a bassinet for my first kid. The following reasons may convince you to purchase a bassinet for your newly born baby. So, if you are also confused and can’t decide, read the article and make your mind clear. Let’s get started;

Do I Need a Bassinet for my Stroller in 2024?

I bought a bassinet for a pram because of the following reasons. So, read the following reasons and buy a bassinet, if you think these reasons are really persuasive.

Going Outside with Newborn:

After having the first baby in my life, I used to think that life got slowed down. I can’t even go outside for a walk, shopping, and other daily routine activities. The stroller, I bought during my pregnancy, was not the best fit for a newborn.  

After that, I tried to convert that stroller into a bassinet stroller which was an excellent experience. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it brought my life back as it was before having my first kid.

Going outside with a newborn had never been so effortless before having a bassinet stroller.

Best for Baby Naps:

A bassinet stroller is, in fact, a moveable small crib for little ones. Kids love to sleep in cribs and tranquility gets multiplied when that crib can be moved here and there. 

In my experience, babies love more to sleep in bassinet strollers than anything else.


Cribs are known for safety and kids love to sleep in them. Bassinet has also the same but various enhanced features.

Opposite to a stroller in which a child tends to be bound in a harness, a bassinet is supposed to be more spacious and a little rider feels relaxed in it.

Easy Transportation:

Traveling with a baby has never been so easy. Despite being a good manager, there can be some mishaps that can spoil your trips. Parents are totally empty-minded when they have to travel with a newborn. A newborn baby can neither be adjusted in a baby carrier nor in a stroller. In this situation, a bassinet pram can help you out.

A bassinet pram will help you by making the baby’s transportation easier.

Extended Canopy:

The bassinet is equipped with an extended canopy that can cover the little rider completely. An extended canopy can help to protect the little one against UV light from the sun and keep the rider cool on a sunny day.

Helps in Physical Development:

The initial days of newborns are crucial. In those days, the physical development of newborn babies took place. So, parents should take extra care in those days for the baby’s spine and overall physical development.  

Hence, a bassinet stroller can be the best choice for a newborn in which a baby can enjoy the world by lying in his natural position. 

Negative Sides of Bassinet:

In this world, every coin has its two sides. With plenty of benefits, a bassinet has various drawbacks as well. Therefore, it is essential to know every side of the picture to make a wise decision.

Not Durable:

When we compare a bassinet with a regular pram, it may lose the battle. A regular pram is supposed to be durable and long-lasting.

However, bassinet pram is not as durable as regular ones.

Not for Rough Terrains:

A bassinet is designed for newborn babies. And it won’t be wise to stroll a bassinet stroller on rough terrains. Instead, don’t stroll on rough terrain until your kid starts supporting his head.

Moreover, a bassinet is a spacious ride for little ones which may result in injury if it is strolled on rough and bumpy surfaces.


As compared to a regular pram, a bassinet is heavier than it. Because of heavy weight, it is really hard to push and maneuver for a pusher.


By reading the pros and cons of a bassinet, now you can decide whether you should have a bassinet or not. For moms of newborn babies, a bassinet can be a boon. However, a bassinet stroller is not recommended for older and bigger kids. If you have any other relevant queries, you can ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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