How to Deep Clean a Stroller? [Complete Guide 2024]

There is a deep relationship between kids and mess. Where there are kids, there will be a mess for sure. The same is the case with a stroller. This baby gear is more prone to get stained and dirty because of little riders’ grimy treatment. Moreover, strollers are expected to be strolled outside where dirt, dust, mud, and smoke aggravate the situation. Aside from all this, diaper blowouts, overturned drinks, and food particles make the stroller more vulnerable. 

Therefore, parents need to know how to deep clean a stroller when it gets dirty over time. Here, I am going to make this cleaning task easier by describing some simple yet actionable hacks. So, be with us.

How to Deep Clean a Stroller?

Before starting the cleaning of the stroller, you must know the list of items that you need for cleaning the stroller. Hence, first enlist all the essential items for cleaning, after that detailed cleaning procedure will be discussed.

What do you need to deep clean a stroller?

Here is the list of items you may need to clean your baby’s pram.

Note: it isn’t crucial to have all the enlisted cleaning items, you can clean the pram with missing a few items.

Stroller’s Manual: Before cleaning a stroller, you should check the manual guide provided by the manufacturer. If you haven’t manual to check, you can have it by visiting the website of the manufacturer.  

Vacuum: Food items, sand, and small duct particles are supposed to stick in crevices of the seat fabric which can be removed by a vacuum.

Lukewarm Water: Lukewarm water can be the front-line warrior to remove stubborn stains on a stroller.  

Dish-soap or stain remover: Only lukewarm water can’t be enough to clean the stroller. Lukewarm water with the help of a dishwasher or stain remover can do miracles for you.   

Sponge and Soft Brush: Stubborn oily and greasy stains can’t be cleaned without a brush or sponge. Hence, if the stroller which needs to be cleaned has oily stains, a brush/sponge is a must-have.

Micro-fiber towel: Having washed a stroller, a micro-fiber towel helps to get it dry without water stains on the frame. Clean the frame and wheels and use an all-purpose spray to disinfect.

Steps to Deep Clean a Stroller:

For deep cleaning, we can divide all that procedure into 4 different sections. In all cleaning sections, we will treat different stroller parts differently.

Before deep cleaning, detach all the parts of the stroller (seat, canopy, frame, wheels, storage basket, and other essentials). But ensure that all those detached can be assembled easily without getting any help from a professional; otherwise, stroller cleaning might cost you high.

Seat, Canopy, and Storage Basket Cleaning:

By removing all the fabric material (seat, canopy, storage) from the stroller frame, you have two options to clean these items; 

  • Machine Washing
  • Hand Washing

Note: Read the manual provided by the manufacturer whether it is allowed to machine wash the seat or not.

Remove Crumbs and Debris: Before machine/hand washing, remove crumbs or debris from the fabric. To do this you can use a brush/sponge or simply your hand.

Vacuum: Having removed crumbs from fabric, the use of a vacuum can be beneficial to remove dirt, dust, and crumbs from crevices of the seat fabric.

Soak in Lukewarm Water: Now soak the stroller’s seat, canopy, and storage basket in lukewarm water for 15 minutes.

Machine/Hand Wash: After 15 minutes in lukewarm water, remove all the fabric items and wash them in a mixture of water and baby-soft soap. You can use a washing machine or hand as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

Air Dry: Now, the stroller seat, canopy, and basket are deep cleaned. Air dry all these items by hanging them up under the sun.

Frame Cleaning:

Having all the fabric material cleaned, now it’s time to wash the frame of the pram. By following the below-mentioned steps, you can get a washed and brand-new alike stroller frame.

Clean Dust: The first step to cleaning the frame is to remove dust with a soft cloth. First, clean the frame with a dry cloth, after that, you can use a wet (water-soaked) piece of cloth to remove oily and greasy stains on the frame.

Clean with Sponge: 2nd step of getting the frame cleaned is to soak a sponge in the mixture of water and soft baby soap and clean the frame with that. After that, wash the frame properly.

Dry up the Frame: The second last step to deep clean a stroller frame is to dry up the frame with a dry microfiber towel. 

Apply Rust-Resistant Polish: Cleaning the stroller frame isn’t the only task performed by parents. Instead, parents need to apply rust-resistant polish on the frame; thereby, they can extend the life cycle of the stroller.

Wheel Cleaning:

Wheels are supposed to be used on dirty, muddy, and dusty paths, therefore, stroller wheels are more likely to get dirty and muddy. Hence, wheels need your attention while cleaning. Let’s have a look at deep cleaning of stroller wheels;

Note: Try to detach the wheels, if it can be easily done.

Remove Dust, Mud from Wheels: You can use a hose pipe to remove dust, grime, and mud from stroller wheels.

Clean with Dish Soap: Having removed grime from the wheels, wash the detached wheels with dish soap properly. Clean the rim with a soaked sponge in dish soap and water.

Use disinfectant spray: After washing the wheels, you may apply disinfectant spray on the wheels. Moreover, you can use rust-resistant spray as well.

Other Essential Items Cleaning:

In the list of other essential items, there are several items included, for example, glass and holder, food tray, stroller cover, and so on. To clean the above-mentioned items, you can use a dishwasher. Furthermore, you can wash all the mentioned items by hand as well.


In stroller deep cleaning, I’ve tried to explain the best possible method to clean every part of a pram. By reading the instructions mentioned above, you can deep clean the stroller seat, canopy, basket, frame, wheels, glass holder, and food tray. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you, Stay Blessed.


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