Why does my Baby Hate a Stroller? [05 Reasons Explained]

A stroller can be a savior for new moms. It will let new moms perform and enjoy outdoor activities, traveling without getting an ached arm. With a pram, you can jog, walk, enjoy park sittings, and go to shopping malls. However, various moms, including me, have to face a challenge while putting a little one down in a pram. It is a common observation that whenever a mom tries to put down her kid in a stroller, he starts raising the devil and crying like hell.  In this situation, you may also wonder, why does my baby hate the stroller?

In the following discussion, I will try to dig out different reasons for disliking a stroller. Let’s have a look at all the possible reasons;

Top 05 Possible Reasons for an Anti-Stroller Baby

Here are the top 05 reasons for being an anti-stroller baby. You can also check and find any of the given below reason in your kid.


It is possible that your kid might be an overstimulated baby. According to experts, overstimulation is a situation in which a kid is overloaded with experiences, noise, and scenery.

Normally, a newly born baby has been habitual in a tranquil and comfy womb for 9 months. And a sudden change in environment is something for which a newly born baby isn’t ready to cope with.

Hence, overstimulation might be a reason for not liking a stroller.

Baby-Wearing Addiction:

Generally, moms prefer wearing their babies all the time. They use baby carriers and slings for baby-wearing. So, a kid gets habitual of cuddling and wearing all the time.

And when you try to put him down in a stroller, he starts crying because the baby isn’t habitual of it. Actually, the baby starts feeling alone and wants his mom/dad cuddling.

Like a baby-wearing habit, you can make the kid habitual of a stroller.

Discomfort Stroller Seat and Harness Belt:

It might be one of the most common reasons for baby stroller disliking. A kid doesn’t feel the desired comfort level in the pram seat. Stroller seat and often harness belts pinch and irritate the little rider which increases the discomfort and makes him cry.   

Hence, you must check how well-padded the seats and straps are.

Baby Schedule:

A newly born baby is very keen on sleeping in the daytime and crying at night. Sometimes, parents try to lay their junior in such a time when he doesn’t want to get bound in a pram.

Therefore, it is really important to know the sleeping routine of the baby before getting a habit of a pushchair.

Fussy Baby:

The last reason that I explore by interviewing different parenting experts is that some babies are fussier by nature. They usually cry in every situation.

There might be several reasons for being a fussy baby and several experts share different tips for calming down a fussy baby.


I have tried to explain every possible reason for being an anti-stroller baby. If you have ever faced this situation, please jot down the reason and how did you tackle it? Please write down any other related query, if you have any. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


Karen Christine

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