How to Use a Stroller for a Newborn? {Actionable Tips}

A newborn baby demands more attention and care from the mom than anything else. Where you have to manage dozens of items for a newborn, it is essential to know how to use a stroller for a newborn. This article might benefit parents who want to be mobile postpartum. Hence, whether you are a city mom, a job holder, a mom with an active lifestyle, or a traveler, keep reading to ensure the safety of your newborn baby in a stroller.

Before answering the question, we will try to explain the features of a pram for newborns. After that, you will learn different hacks to use a stroller for a newborn.

Features of a Stroller for Newborn Babies:

As we know that newborn kids demand more care from parents; thereby, parents must pay attention to the following features of a pram while buying. Let’s discuss all the features one by one;

Car Seat/Bassinet Compatible:

If you are going to buy a pushchair/pram for your newborn baby, check whether the pram is compatible with a car seat or bassinet. Car seat compatibility makes the stroller super-friendly for newborn kids (up to 6 months old).

The ups and downs of a car seat are designed by keeping the comfort of a newly-born rider. Hence, a pram that is compatible with any car seat can be the perfect choice for parents of newborns.

Reclining Seat:

Another feature that goes in favor of newborn kids is the reclining (full-flat) seat of a stroller. A fully-reclined seat will help your newly born baby to take rest in a better way. Hence, try to purchase a pram with reclining seat options.

Easy to Fold/Unfold:

It is one of the most ignored features when buying a pram for a newborn. When a mom has a newborn baby, she is supposed to work with one hand while the other is busy handling the baby. Therefore, buying a pram that can be folded and unfolded with one hand is recommended.

Roomy, Comfy, Airy Seat:

At the age of 0-6 months, taking rest is the only priority of your baby. And a tranquil sleep is only possible when you offer a comfy and roomy environment to your baby.

So, a pram with a well-padded, roomier seat is always preferred for a newly born baby. Check the size, comfort, and breathable fabric of the stroller seat.

Parent Facing Seat Adjustment:

A newly born baby needs more attention from parents. At the age of 0 to 6 months, a baby develops strong bonding with his/her parents.

And a parent-facing seat of a stroller lets a baby and parents spend time on the go. It is always advised to purchase a pramr that allows you to adjust the seat in a parent-facing way.

Shock Absorbent Wheels with Suspension System:

Air-filled wheels are meant to be less turbulent and more shock-absorbent. Aside from air-filled wheels, the suspension system makes rides smoother and gives ultimate comfort to your little rider. Furthermore, 5 point harness system offers extra security and support to your newly born baby.

Large Storage Basket:

Being a mom of two, I can understand, how many baby items have to be taken along with. There is a long list of baby items for newly born babies like; Diapers, rashes cream, bottles, clothes, bibs, and so on.

A stroller with a large storage basket can be your best friend while going outside. And it can accommodate all the mentioned items and lessen your worries.

How to Use a Stroller for a Newborn?

By keeping all the mentioned traits above, purchase a pram for your newborn. Once you buy a stroller with all those features, you can use that pram for your newborn baby. Keep the following instruction in mind while using a stroller for your newly born kid.

Learn How to Unfold Properly:

Before using a stroller, you should learn how to unfold the pram properly. Sometimes, it is observed that the stroller isn’t unfolded properly and collapsed again which results in severe injury to the little rider.

So, make sure that the pram is unfolded properly.

Clean the Pram:

Before using a stroller for a newborn, please keep it clean. Dust and sometimes mold in strollers cause allergies and skin issues.

Fully-Reclined Seat:

Unless you are using a car seat or bassinet, use the stroller’s seat in a fully reclined position. Moreover, use 5 point harness to enhance safety.

The use of a net window in the seat for airflow delivers a better riding experience for your newly born baby.

Moreover, using 5 point harness safety feature gives you a sense of security and satisfaction.

Stroll on Smooth Surface:

A stroller with air-filled wheels and a suspension system tends to offer a smooth ride to your little one. However, you must take some extra care by not strolling on rough terrain; it may result in some serious injury.

Moreover, try to keep the stroller seat in a parent-facing direction; thereby, you may develop a strong bond with your newborn baby.

Lastly, always pack the storage basket with all the essential baby items to avoid any inconvenience.

Last Words:

By keeping all the essential factors mentioned above in mind, you can purchase a pram for your newborn baby. And a pram equipped with all the mentioned features, you can get an 80% answer to your question (How to use a stroller for a newborn). Aside from those features, you need to take some extra care of your newly born baby which has also been described above. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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