Why do you Need a Baby Stroller? (06 Reasons 2023)

Like me, every woman goes through a stressful pregnancy period before welcoming her first baby. Back pain, pelvic pain, headache, and stressful nights can be frightening. Where you have to manage the mentioned health challenges, you will have to be vigilant while shopping for your first kid. In the pre-baby shopping list, you can buy bottles, brushes, breast pumps, kids wardrobe essentials, and so on. However, your wires may get crossed while purchasing a stroller because of its high price tag; and you start thinking that why do you need a baby stroller?

The same question came to my mind before arriving my first baby. Here, I am going to give you the top 06 reasons for having a stroller for your first kid. Let’s get started;

Top 06 Reasons for Having a Baby Stroller:

Being a mom, I am fully convinced to have a pram for a baby. However, I will give you the stats of hundreds of moms who prefer strollers for their kids. So, here are the reasons with comments of different moms;

Transportation and Travelling:

Having a first baby doesn’t stop one’s life; nonetheless, it slows down life. People with active lifestyles consider themselves bound after having a kid. Many parents think that their movement got limitations and it is really hard for them to go on vacations and trips. 

However, a stroller will let you go outside by mitigating your first baby’s stress. With a stroller, you can handle your child in a better and a leisured way. You need not wear and cuddle your baby all day while going to the grocery, zoo, or theme park. Therefore, a stroller offers you the best choice to live your life after having kids.

Leisure and Quality Time:

A mom, who often goes for morning walks and jogging, can’t jog while having a kid in a carrier or sling. In fact, it is really hard to even walk while wearing/cuddling a baby.

On the other hand, a jogging stroller lets you spend time with your kid in theme parks, beaches, and shopping malls without any hassle. By keeping your newborn baby in a parent-facing direction, you can jog, walk, and work (daily routine) while enjoying facial expressions and babbling with your kid.

Better Storage Option:

A mom needs to go with different essentials like bottles, bibs, clothes, and diapers. While baby-wearing, it is hard to tackle all the mentioned items.

On the flip side, keeping your kid in a stroller offers you a better option to store all the baby essentials. Nowadays, all types of prams come with large storage baskets, which offer you extra space to store different items. You can check the list of items to store in the stroller’s basket by clicking here.

Safer Option with Better Supervision:

Whether you have a toddler or newborn baby, parents need to take extra care of their kids at an early age. For up to 6 months, every mom wants to keep her kid in front of her eyes. After that when a kid starts supporting his head, the kid’s action demand more attention.

In the mentioned circumstances, a stroller is the only option that offers a sense of satisfaction to parents. By keeping your kids in a stroller, you have your baby (without compromising on comfort) in front of your eyes while enjoying your daily routine.

Enhanced Baby Sleeping Experience:

Newborn babies love to sleep in the daytime and cry at night. Parents, often, sacrifice their sleeping schedule. When a baby starts crying and doesn’t ready to sleep at any cost, a stroller can be a savior for you.

A stroller can help you to manage the sleeping schedule of your baby. While enjoying the scenery outside, your baby takes a full nap also.

Healthier Lifestyle with peace of mind:

The world is full of worries and tensions. After my hectic daily routine, I always want to sit on a park bench while watching the kids playing on the ground. Moreover, jogging and morning walk work like anti-depressants. Notwithstanding, people start ignoring their mental lives after having kids in their lives. And it is really hard for them to spend time in a park/gym.

But, a stroller will let you spend a healthier life by allowing you to jog with your baby. So, never comprise on your active lifestyle, just because of having a baby in your life.


All the given reasons might be enough for all those confused minds who are still thinking that whether a stroller is important or not. Hence, if you are also thinking that whether you should go for purchasing a pram or not, read the above given reasons and make your mind clear. If you have any related questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you, Stay blessed.

Karen Christine

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