How to Grocery Shop with a Baby Stroller? [2024 Hacks]

Being a mom can never be an easy task.  We mothers not only perform our daily routine chores but have to handle babies. Being a new mom, I have to do certain tasks to manage the home, while attending the little angel. In fact, mothers can’t afford to perform tasks by ignoring the crying kid and vice versa. In this situation, you might have also faced an awkward moment like me while going to a market; where you have to purchase different grocery items with taking care of the baby. So, I have tried several tips which will help you in the market while having a baby in a stroller. Let’s try to dig out the answer to the question, How to grocery shop with a baby stroller.


How to Grocery Shop with a Baby Stroller?

I have tried different hacks to manage my shopping in the market with a baby pram. You can also try the following tricks while grocery shopping with a kid pram.

To-Do list before Grocery Shop with a Kid Stroller:

Here, I am sharing various precautions to be followed. By following the below-mentioned precautions, you can avoid any type of mess around.

Well-Planned Shopping: Before going to a market for shopping, try to jot down a list of the items which you intend to buy. It will not only save your energy but help to complete your shopping earlier as well.

Fed up the Little One Well: Another important precaution that can’t be overlooked is to feed the baby before going shopping. Otherwise, your baby can create an awkward situation in the market by crying loud because of hunger.  

Take Care of Nap Time: Kids are, generally, cautious about their sleep. If you go to the market without taking care of your sleeping schedule, it might create a mess because of your fussy nature before sleeping.  

Diaper Change: Ensure that baby diapers can be used for the next 3 to 4 hours and it won’t blow out.

Pack some Essentials: A stroller is fitted out with a storage basket in which you can bring bottles, clothes, diapers, and bibs. So, you must bring extra clothes, diapers, bottles, and bibs.

Top 05 Tips for Grocery Shopping with a Baby Stroller

Having followed all the mentioned precautions, now it’s time to check all those actionable hacks which made my life easier in the market. Let’s jump on to them;

Big Stroller/Double Stroller with Single Kid:

It seems silly to suggest a big or double stroller while having a single baby. However, it can help you in several ways. A big stroller can help you out while grocery shopping. You can collect certain grocery items in the large storage basket without compromising on baby care.

On the other hand, if you have a double stroller, it can be used as a cart with a kid. In one seat, your little rider can enjoy the ride. The seat can be used to pack different shopping items.

Push and Pull Method

Another method that I discovered when I had my first baby Emma. I can remember when I had my first baby and I didn’t have any experience to deal with a stroller while grocery shopping. In fact, I got my wires crossed at that time. Same time, a lady came to me and told me about this trick.

While grocery shopping, you can push your baby stroller and pull the grocery items cart. It is somehow tricky to manage; however, once you get habitual of it, it will be a piece of cake.

Car Seat on the Cart

Another option can be used while grocery shopping with a kid. You can remove the car seat from the stroller and attach it to the shopping cart.

This option can be used only when you have a removable car seat with cart attachment settings.

Moreover, there will be a little space for shopping items in the cart by adjusting the car seat in the cart.

Baby Carrier with Stroller as a Cart

The other option that can be used while shopping is the use of a baby carrier. You can wear your baby with the help of a baby carrier and use your stroller as a shopping cart in the mall.

On the other hand, you can only go with a baby carrier and use a shopping cart for shopping.


I hope this guide about grocery shop with a stroller will help you to handle grocery items and a baby effectively. If you use any other tricks while shopping, please mention it in the comment box. In case, if you have any other relevant questions, you can also in the comment box. Thank you. Stay Blessed.

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