Are Stroller Fans Safe? [Highs and Lows 2024]

Commuting outside in the summer season might be a challenge for parents. And when it comes to kids, we, being parents, need to be extra careful. Kids are more prone to get affected by overheating and hot weather. Therefore, different parents used to ask about how to keep a baby cool in a stroller in the scorching sun. Where there are dozens of methods circulating to keep a baby cool in a stroller, one of those methods is installing a pram fan. However, various parents show concern about having a fan in a stroller and they ask, whether stroller fans are safe or not.

In this article, I will try to answer the mentioned question by explaining the safety measures to be taken and potential threats to pram fans as well.

Are Stroller Fans Safe?

The answer to this question depends upon certain conditions. For example, choosing the safest type of stroller fan, secure attachment on the stroller pole, fan battery runtime, and being a less noisy fan can make a pram fan safe and secure to use.

Let’s have a look at how we can make a pram fan safe.

Be Wise While Choosing a Fan:

Generally, parents aren’t much concerned about fans while buying one and they don’t pay attention to research.

By paying little attention, it would be easier for them to buy the safest option available in the market.

For instance, there are major four types of strollers fans;

  • Bladeless
  • Standard fans with blades
  • Soft Foam Blades
  • Misty Fans

Now we can see that bladeless fans can be the safest option for kids, as it doesn’t tend to harm little fingers. On the other hand, soft foam blades are also considered a secure option to purchase. However, a standard pram fan with blades (smaller in size) might not be the safest option and if you are instant to buy this type of stroller, please buy a fan with a blade cage.

Stroller Fan Attachment:

Stroller fan attachment can make it safest or risky for little riders. Normally, there are three types of attaching a fan to a pole; Clip, twisting legs, and hanging style.

In my opinion, a pram fan with a clip attachment is the safest and most secure option to purchase.

Battery Runtime:

Apparently, there is no potential threat related to battery runtime. However, if your kid is habitual of a fan while riding on a pram, it will be intimidating to have a short battery runtime.

Short battery runtime results in shutting off the fan and the little angel might get irritated and disturb his tranquil sleep in the pram.

Less Noisy:

Last, fans are likely to be noisy. Little ears may suffer from any serious illness because of the constant noisy sound of fans.

So, always keep in mind while buying a stroller fan that it must be less noisy, thereby, your child can enjoy the ride and sleep in the stroller.

Potential Threats of Installing a Fan on a Stroller:

There might be the following potential threats, having installing a fan on a stroller.

Harmful for Little Fingers:

You need to supervise the stroller and your baby, after installing a fan on the stroller. Little fingers might get injured because of a fan’s blades.

The only way to prevent this potential threat is to buy a bladeless fan or install a standard fan away from the rider’s reach.

Strong Wind Flow:

Constant strong airflow may cause a disturbance. And your kid might be fussier because of disturbing sleeping scheduling by installing a fan.


With proper installation and wise purchasing decisions can make a stroller fan safe. Follow the given instructions while installing and buying a stroller fan and keep your kid cool in summer. Share your experience of stroller fan with us in the comment section. Moreover, if you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section.  Thank you. Stay Blessed.


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