What to do with Old Strollers in 2024? (4 Actionable Methods)

Congratulations! Your kids have outgrown all the strollers, and they are now ready to take on new steps in their lives. In this situation, a question that comes to mind is, “What should we do with the old strollers?” Like me, every mom goes through this stage of life where various baby gear becomes no longer useful. All those baby gears (now useless) take up ample space to store. In this situation, thebbaby.com comes up with the following solutions that we have also followed to get rid of all the useless baby gear. You can also follow these solutions to earn some extra bucks and free up some space in your store.
Let’s get started;

What to do with old strollers?

Here, we present 4 different options that can be beneficial for you to dispose of all those bulky strollers.
Note: While outlining all the details, we assume that you no longer have any need for a stroller and that your family is complete.

Detailed Inspection of Stroller’s Condition:

The very first step in deciding what to do with an outgrown stroller is to assess its physical and apparent condition. For a detailed inspection, you may examine the following parts:

  •  Stroller’s Metal Frame: To evaluate the condition of the stroller’s metal frame, remove all other accessories and elements from the stroller. Once all elements have been removed, you can check if the frame has rusted over time or if it is in good condition.
  • Pram Wheels: Different types of stroller wheels wear out at varying rates. For instance, air-filled wheels are more prone to punctures and quick wear compared to foam-filled wheels. Therefore, it is important to check the condition of the wheels before making a decision.
  • Brake System: Whether it’s a car, bike, or a baby stroller, the importance of a functioning brake system cannot be denied. Thus, check the working status of the brake system.
  • Seats and Other Fabric Items: During this inspection, you need to be more vigilant. Check the quality of seats, umbrella, and storage basket.
  • Other Essentials: Prior to making any decisions, examine the food tray, cup holders, handles, and wheel suspension.


Different baby gears are expensive, and the majority of families cannot afford to buy them. A stroller is one of those expensive gears, ranging from $200 to $1500, which is a substantial amount for parents.

Hence, if you have a stroller that is no longer useful and has been outgrown by your kids, you can donate it. For donation, you can choose local charities, shelters, hospitals, or any non-profit organization.

Before donating, check all the safety features and the condition of the stroller. If you believe that there is any compromise on any safety aspect of the stroller, please mention that shortcoming when donating.

Gift to Friend or Family Member:

Before utilizing this option, ensure that the stroller’s condition is excellent; otherwise, you may face embarrassment.

As we know, gifts are intended to show your love and empathy towards others. If you present a gift that is worn out passage of time and looks awkward, it will not fulfill its purpose. Instead of enhancing love and empathy, it will lead to embarrassment.

Therefore, it is always advisable to check the overall appearance and condition of your stroller before presenting it as a gift to your family or friends.

Sell an Outgrown Pram:

The third option that may help you earn some extra money is to sell the stroller. Before selling an old stroller, keep in mind that it must be washed and cleaned. Additionally, in order to obtain a fair price, address any issues with the stroller such as squeaking wheels, brake system failure, or a broken food tray or cup holder.
You can sell an old pram online by taking clear and attractive pictures.
If selling online is not a feasible option for you, you can try selling it at a nearby baby gear shop that accepts used strollers.
An interesting fact about selling an old stroller is that old car seats are difficult to sell. However, you can sell used prams easily.
When selling a used stroller online, you must follow the precautions mentioned below:

  1. Clearly state the condition of the stroller and take clear pictures of it so that the buyer can easily assess its condition.
  2. Be transparent about the safety features. Mention all the pros and cons related to safety when advertising on an online platform.
  3. Include the age and model number of the stroller in the advertised pictures.
  4. Prior to advertising, wash and clean the stroller.
  5. Explain the warranty and return policy to the buyer.

Recycle or Repurpose:

This would be the final option to address the query. If you believe that the stroller’s condition is unsuitable for all the given options, you can choose to recycle or repurpose it.
For recycling the stroller, there are different institutions that can assist you in this matter.
On the other hand, you can repurpose a used stroller. For instance, you can repurpose an old stroller as a garden cart by updating and removing various items from it.
We have personally converted an old kids’ stroller into a dog stroller, which has proven to be just as useful as it should be.
Therefore, you can also repurpose a stroller like we did.


I hope you now have an answer to the question “What to do with an old stroller?” You can choose any of the above-given options for a used stroller. If you have any other queries related to strollers, please feel free to ask in the comment section. As parents of two with extensive experience in stroller purchasing, we will do our best to answer your questions based on our knowledge. Thank you, and may you stay blessed.


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