How to Keep Baby Cool in a Stroller? [08 Hacks 2023]

Instead of being a boon, a stroller can be a bane for your little angel in summer. Kids are not supposed to adjust their body temperature according to atmospheric temperature. Therefore, they are more prone to suffer from overheating. A stroller with a padded seat is designed to deliver ultimate comfort, however, it increases the body temperature in the scorching sun.

So, it will be the responsibility of parents to keep their kids cool in a stroller while going outside in summer. Here, I’ll uncover several hacks that can help your baby stay cool in a stroller in the summer season. Let’s discuss all those tips one by one;

Top 08 Hacks to Keep a Baby Cool in a Stroller:

Summer brings a lot of fun and enjoyment in the form of mangoes, ice cream, shaved ice, and swimming. With all that mentioned fun, there are several vulnerabilities, that come with the summer season; for example, skin issues, heat waves, and dehydration.

To avoid all the problems in summer, I am here to reveal several hacks to keep your kid cool in a stroller.

Stroller Ventilation:

To keep a kid cool and relaxed, a parent needs a properly vented stroller for their newborns. Various strollers in the market are equipped with net windows on the back panel. By keeping it open in the summer season, it will help to regulate air and try to bring the temperature gauge down.

Stroller Fan:

Another option that is widely used by parents in the hot season is a stroller fan. Nowadays, there are different types of stroller fans in the market that are compatible with other strollers. You can choose any of your desired designs by analyzing the compatibility of the pram.

The stroller fan can help to cool down the stroller environment by regulating air.

Breathable Clothing:

It is the most ignored hack to keep a kid cool while going outside in a stroller. Babies are more prone to get affected by sun heat and their bodies are not capable of regulating temperature. Therefore, we, parents, must take every step to save them from heat waves.

In the summer season, always try to dress up their kids with breathable clothes, it will also help them to keep cool.

Sun Shade:

Nowadays, strollers are equipped with a canopy. And stroller canopy is, generally, extendable; thereby, the little rider can be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Moreover, extended canopies are meant to provide coverage against sun rays.

However, you can invest in a canopy extender, unless the stroller canopy is providing full coverage.

Stay Hydrated:

For adults and infants, dehydration is another challenge to cope with on hot days. Adults can manage to stay hydrated. However, parents will have to take extra care of their little ones during the summer to keep them hydrated.

Dark-colored urine, strong smell, and frequent wet diapers indicate that poor little Angel is dehydrated and you will have to ensure to keep him hydrated again.

For infants (less than 6 months old), breastfeeding is enough to keep them hydrated; however, always consult with a pediatrician.

Wet Towel/Cooling Towel:

It is one of the most effective tricks used by mothers. Soft use of a wet towel on the mouth, arms, and legs helps to maintain the body temperature.

Cooling towel is also available in the market which will help to keep the temperature down.

Stroll Time:

Going outside, when it is too hot sun is on your head, can make your kid suffer from sunburn and various other skin issues.

So, always set a schedule for going outside when it’s cooler (in the mornings and evenings).

Cooling Seat Pad:

Last but not least option to keep your baby cool in a pram is using a cooling seat pad. You can keep the cooling pad under the stroller seat and it can absorb sweat and regulate body temperature.


By following all the steps mentioned above, you can mitigate the effects of heat in summer. If you have any other worth-sharing trick, please jot it down in the comment section for other readers. Moreover, if you have any other relevant queries, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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