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You would have read different pros and cons of family travel experiences. According to many parents, traveling with toddlers isn’t a good idea at all. Additionally, bloggers and vloggers just exaggerated the idea of traveling with family. On the contrary, we interviewed dozens of parents who love to travel across the planet, and we found that all of them enjoyed the journey with the family. Although they have faced different challenges while traveling with kids, they see their traveling experience as outstanding and remarkable.

From our point of view, people who don’t like to travel with kids and who want are the two sides of one coin. People who don’t like to travel with family see the negative sides of difficulties faced during traveling. On the flip side, various people took all the journey difficulties as challenges and used them to grow their abilities up. In other words, we can say some are pessimistic, and others are optimistic about the hardships of travel.

In the following reading, our take is on the optimistic side, and we will try to explain the top 12 reasons to travel with toddlers. So, let’s get started.

Top 12 Reasons to Travel with Toddlers:

Aside from all the family trip benefits and how traveling can be helpful for kids’ upbringing, here, we will elaborate on why you should travel with toddlers. How traveling with kids can be more fun and memorable, how family traveling can boost the bonding and bestows you a unique family friendship relation.

1- Firsthand Education:

I haven’t seen anybody quicker in learning than kids. Toddlers learn a lot by observation. Often, we think that kids sitting calmly and watching the environment is nothing to do with learning. However, kids also learn at that time, according to experts.

Parents often ask that kids don’t remember whatever they have observed during travel; however, it’s not a complete truth. We know kids’ memory isn’t able to hold all the events faced during trips; nevertheless, they tend to absorb too much from a single event.

While traveling, kids observe different cultures, nature, and languages, allowing them to analyze the world with a broader mind. Moreover, traveling makes the kids more flexible.

2- Well-spent Time:

We don’t have time to enjoy lives with kids and family in our busy lives. Office work and other responsibilities never allow us to spend some time with family.

So, traveling with kids/family can be a golden opportunity to escape from routine life. Aside from spending quality time with family, you have a chance of better understanding with all your family members, including kids.

3- Flexibility and Patience:

Many people can’t learn these two important lessons after spending their whole life; flexible behavior and patience. However, traveling can teach these two most important lessons to your kids.

By traveling, kids come across different cultures, customs, and rituals that offer them a broader vision of life. Resultantly, kids started to give importance and respect to everyone’s customs/culture, which can make the world peaceful.

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4- Less Expensive:

Aside from the various intangible benefits of traveling with toddlers, you can also get tangible advantages. For example, toddlers’ ride is free according to multiple airlines’ policies in the USA.

Your toddlers can travel and benefit without spending a penny on travel tickets.

So, if you have toddlers and you feel like traveling, it is the best time to travel and explore the world by spending less; while enjoying the journey more.

5- More Photos, More Memories:

In this technologically advanced era, people aren’t ready to eat their food without taking selfies first. So, how is it possible to travel and don’t take photos with your family?

Photos are the best way to remember and live your past in the present. Therefore, a photo album of traveling with toddlers can be a lifetime investment to enjoy the past.

6- Family bonding:

Our busy lives don’t let us spend some quality time with our families; therefore, we can’t develop a strong bond among our family members.

Nevertheless, traveling with family allows us to spend time with family; thereby, we can understand each other and develop a strong bond.

7- Near to Nature:

Nowadays, we are surrounded by different tech gadgets. Where advancement in technology brings leisure to the human body, it deprives us of the leisure of the soul.

A man feels relaxed when he is near nature and away from technology. However, it is not easy to say goodbye to technology in our daily routine, where we are supposed to reply to dozens of emails, perform different social media activities, and use different entertainment products.

On the flip side, traveling allows us to say goodbye to technology and feel how relaxing it would be when you are near nature.

8- Traveling can make you a Good Manager:

In daily routine life, you have to work like a machine. For example, wake up early, get ready for the office, work in the office, and then go back home. After that, watch TV, eat food, and go to bed. Repeat it.

The habitual daily tasks can never improve your managerial skills.

However, during travel with family, you need to manage different things for a smooth traveling experience with toddlers. For example, when your baby starts crying while flying, it would create an awkward situation for you on the plane. So, you will learn how to manage these situations when you feel uncomfortable. So, we can say that traveling can also make you a good manager.

9- Importance of Home:

The importance of having a house is to know who doesn’t have one. At home, kids are supposed to follow the daily routine without disturbance. They get breakfast at the table, ironed uniforms, ready lunchboxes, and tranquil sleeping without exerting effort. They don’t know the hardships of life.

Nonetheless, while traveling, kids have to face various hardships. Sometimes, they have to eat food they don’t like. Moreover, they come to know how to manage sleeping with severe mosquito attacks. With these types of hardships, kids know the importance of home, where they have luxurious lives without putting effort. Moreover, they will be more thankful to their parents and God for what they have been blessed with.

10- More fun with mischievous toddlers

When you travel without your kids, you can’t enjoy the journey in the way you have fun with kids. Mischievous toddlers attract every other traveler with their cute actions. And it would be more fun and joy for you when everyone is paying attention to you.

Aside from getting attention from others, you will also enjoy toddlers’ every action while traveling.

11- Good-bye to depression and Stress:

Traveling is one of the perfect treatments for depression and stress. Moreover, spending time with toddlers and babies can alleviate the signs of depression as well, a study says.

So, it is recommended to travel with kids, if you really want to reduce your depression and stress.

12- Good-bye to Fears:

Generally, Kids are hesitant to public gatherings and unknown people. While traveling, you are likely to meet new and unknown people. This will help kids to improve their confidence while facing public gatherings and unknown people.

Resultantly, your kids will have different leadership qualities by traveling with you.

The Other side:

The pessimist side of traveling with kids says that you will have to bring extra stuff for babies. Additionally, finding hygienic food for kids is really a hard task to do while traveling. And you can’t enjoy the trip because toddlers demand extra care as well.

All these above-mentioned concerns are genuine, however, taking this dark side of traveling with toddlers as a challenge can really improve your managerial skills with more fun.


Here, we have tried to explain different reasons to travel with toddlers; thereby, you will also encourage and start traveling with your kids. If you have ever traveled with your kids, please share your experience in the comment section. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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